Friday LinkFrogging – 12/18/09

Welcome back friends and neighbors.  You favorite GonzoGeeks are going to give you one last dose of LinkFrogging this year/decade.  We’ll be taking the next two Fridays off for Christmas and New Years Day, but rest assured, your daily dose of links and cheesecake will return in 2010.

Speaking of cheesecake, with the movie Avatar opening today, it seemed like a great chance to serve up Sigourney Weaver.  In addition  to appearing in James Cameron’s multimillion dollar 3-D sci-fi epic, Ms. Weaver has some other serious geek cred.  She starred as Dana Barrett in the two Ghostbusters movies, she was in the Star Trek parody/homage Galaxy Quest, and, of course, she was Ripley in the Alien Quadrilogy.

Merry Christmas to all and on to the links.

  1. Aye mami!
  2. Darn!  Another Christmas gift scratched off  the list.
  3. Snoop.  Doing work.
  4. Yuletide beatings!
  5. Teaser footage from Kick-Ass featuring Nic Cage, his daughter and firearms.
  6. Any time Wright Thompson writes an E-Ticket story, it’s required reading.
  7. Interview with Joss Whedon regarding Dollhouse and why it is hurtling toward a too-early demise.
  8. I asked my team for pictures of cheesecake Santa pics.  Chris delivers!
  9. The guide to convincing your friend to care about Dr. Who.
  10. Our long national nightmare is over.
  11. Time magazine asks Dave Grohl 10 questions.
  12. I am now and have always been your muse.
  13. An amateur MMA fan takes in an amateur MMA fight and reports back…amateurishly.
  14. A 30 Rock Christmas montage.
  15. A list of the funniest movies of the decade.
  16. Two words:  Hitman Monkey.
  17. This just in!  Courtney Love is an unfit mother.
  18. David’s Iraq deployment blog.
  19. Its not the moon, but its still impressive.
  20. Alcoholic monkey stealing tourist booze.
  21. This one is for my wife.
  22. Wait…this wasn’t in Twilight.
  23. The game of Life…2009 edition.
  24. More odd nativity scenes.
  25. The decade’s best and worst graphic novel adaptations.
  26. Monkey hat trick.

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