GonzoGeek’s Top 10 Posts of 2009

Well, another year draws to a close my dear reader(s).  Me and all my Gonzo compadres have enjoyed bringing you our thoughts on the world around us.  The ride continues to be an eventful one.

As seems to be the tradition with everyone, we’re going to take a look back at our top 10 posts of 2009, and since we added our weekly cheesecake offering, I thought I’d give a nod to the lovely lady who drew the most traffic to our humble little corner of the net.

Apparently a lot more of you missed My Name is Earl than I thought, because Nadine Velazquez aka Catalina continues to send traffic our way on a daily basis.  With that in mind, Ms. Velazquez is hereby declared the first ever GonzoGeek Cheesecake of the Year.


Now, on to the list.


Ring of Honor “Take No Prisoners” – a glorified press release that benefitted from a great image of the luchadore/energy drink flak, Blue Demon, Jr.


‘Teamwork’ is a lie – it started with a different title but was renamed upon further review.  It generated a lot of venom from the participants and even a few bystanders.  The pitfalls of youth sports.


Metal Masters Tour – the review – never, EVER, underestimate the staying power of the metal kids.


Friday LinkFrogging – in the third installment of our new feature, Ms. Velazquez laid claim to her crown and never looked back.  There were some good links too.


Rock n Rebels Tour – the review – this 2008 post got new life when Kid Rock announced he was taking the show on the road for a second summer.


Lucha Minis Murdered by Hookers! – It was a headline I had to write for a story I was mesmerized by it.  It positively blew up on July 4th to the surprise of both Chris and I.  It remains the single biggest day for any post in GonzoGeek history.


WWE Hall of Fame 2009 – Wrestlemania came to town this year and we spent a fair amount of time covering it.  This post took any unfortunate bounce up yesterday with the annoucement that “Dr. Death” Steve Williams had passed away.


Batman:  The Brave and the Bold – this show continues to get bigger each week.  I was glad to be an early adopter.


Your Favorite Band Sucks – Stephe’s screed on music, past and present, continues to kill.  There seem to be a lot of people looking for Ratt pictures and searching for the word “whoremonger.”  Who knew?


Did Michael Jackson fake his own death? – Within moments of the announcement of Jackson’s death, Stephe sent me an email with the start of the conspiracy theories.  We broke the rumor about Rockwell being an MJ body double.  The theories persist.  So does the post.

An Honorable Mention goes to my review of Episode 3 of the Ultimate Fighter in which Kimbo Slice got schooled by Roy Nelson.  It had a lot of heat, but not enough time to crack the top 1o.

Have a Happy New Year one and all.  We’ll be back in 2010 for more GonzoGeekGoodness.

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