The Debut of “It’s a Work”

One of the great things about the collective experience that is GonzoGeek is when a friend sees what we’re trying to do, gets it and asks to be part of it.

That’s brings us to Chuck.

Chuck is a friend.  He’s a fan.  He’s one of us.

When he asked me if he could write a weekly column for the site I was thrilled.  Chuck gets it.

So, presented below for your reading pleasure is the very first edition of It’s a Work.


Coming onto GonzoGeek for what I hope will be a long and mutually-rewarding relationship leaves me incredibly thankful.

            The fine folks who created this site do me a great honor in having me associated and have further credited me in offering literary carte blanche; or as I prefer to think of it- a license to kill.

            So thank you, my fellow geeks. 

            My appreciation however, does not end there and with the year coming to an end there is intrinsic reflection. In hindsight, the past fifty-two weeks saw huge personal strides for me. There were successes and failures, blood and money, pain and lies, truth and friendship, growth and death- all of which left me tired but alive- more so than ever.

            2009 also brought me great professional achievement. I am a writer, an actor and a pro wrestler.

            Continuing my gratitude, I want to address pro wrestling’s fans.

            It stands to reason that the majority of those who read this will place themselves in this category, but that is more than likely flawed reasoning. I’m not addressing those who subscribe to current television’s sports-entertainment. Nor am I speaking of those who watch video-clips online, or post on wrestling message forums, or who have let the same internet that’s destroyed industry-after-industry rule their thoughts and opinions.

            Wrestling fans are strange and I say that with fondness as I am one of them. We hold a strong enthusiasm for the words and actions that form the story and, while we know that ultimately the outcome is predetermined, we suspend that knowledge as if it has not yet been written. Is it an insult to our intelligence? Only as much as comic books or movies are. Is it something to be ashamed of? That’s more subjective and a matter of perception. I love pro wrestling and am proud of what I do, but I’d be embarrassed to be a fan of television’s sports entertainment like a father would who watched his honor-roll son leave school to prosper at the crack game. Maybe he drives a nicer ride than his old man, but I’d rather walk than sit inside it.

            So to the man who spat and cursed at me in Spanish, to the two inebriated men who rolled up their sleeves and closed in on me, to the septuagenarian who swung his own shoe at me as I passed him, to the diner who complained to his waiter that they served a scoundrel such as me, to the bar patron who dared me to step outside and to the collective thousands that ended their work weeks by reaching into their pockets, buying a ticket and a beer, sitting down and then rising to their feet when good prevailed over evil or vice-versa- thank you.

            And to the kind woman who asked so politely for a picture, to the loving mother who brought her handicapped son to each and every event near their town, to the young man who made a sign letting everyone know he came that night to see me, to the young lady who made me pasteles and her sister who convinced security to let her deliver them to me, to the party people who passed cold beers and little green bags my way and to the die-hards whose roars and hollers gave me goose-bumps when I rolled my duffle into the building hours before the bell- again, thank you. 

            Then there is Masa; the epitome of Japanese wrestling fandom and its chief ambassador, who still writes to tell me of his country’s wrestling fans’ hope to see me again, and Richard from New York who wrote to share his memory of seeing me perform half his life ago at a time in my career that I wondered if anyone was even watching.

            These are wrestling fans because in true gonzo-spirit they bought the ticket and took the ride. 

            In commentary to come there will be more wrestling talk, but given the elbow room here among the geeks, I will engage in a variety of topics and thoughts. Freedom of speech is a proud theory and I plan on testing it, even if our courts will use what I say against me. Law books, like history books and bibles can be twisted to fill certain needs or functions; like jigsaw puzzle pieces forced into place that don’t quite fit but are necessary to that big picture- the one we lazily accept. But here friends, it’s all a work and with a smile and a wink I thank you for reading.

            In closing, I welcome your comments as well. They say the meek will someday inherit this earth, but I don’t count on that happening in my lifetime. So speak up and be heard- or shut up and leave it to me.

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