Black Metal

Hello everyone and sorry for taking so long to post something.  Another year has flown by and they seem to be going by faster and faster.  Gettin old…boooo.

So, I got a reissue CD of Venom’s ‘Black Metal’ record a few days ago.  Wow!  What a raw and primitive recording.  I used to love this album back in the day and it was awesome to hear it again.  Venom always had very much a punk aesthetic to them.  A marriage of punk and NWOBHM.  Sloppy and cheesy, but fun as…ummm…hell.  Now I just need to get ‘At War With Satan’ and I’ll be happy…ha!

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  1. wow, I remember those cheese ball albums from the VENOM boys!

    I once found a VENOM Live video tape in a used bin for el cheapo, so I snagged it for some good laughs and nostalgia.

    I think they have now released this: Live In London At The Hammersmith Odeon from 85′ on DVD. My favorite song of theirs was always “WARHEAD”…

    Calling all 80’s rock/metal and thrash fans:

    I will be posting a long lost VENOM interview in upcoming posts from DEMOLISH MAG. It was with Cronos on the “Calm Before The Storm” tour era. Peep the site if anyone is interested…

    Rock on!

    Curt King
    Demolish HQ

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