Friday LinkFrogging – 1/8/10

Happy 2010 dear reader(s)!

Isn’t this the year we make contact?

We’ve been busy here at GonzoGeek since last we spoke.  We’ve welcomed Aamir and Chuck to the crew.  Take a look at their stuff won’t you?  We’re also planning a bit of a visual overhaul in teh coming days/weeks so when we do make contact our little corner of the web will be all shiny and new.

Speaking of shiny…do you know what today is?  Why, it is Elvis’ birthday.  That’s right, if the King of Rock and Roll hadn’t died ignobly in 1977, he would be 75 today.  My mom was a huge Elvis fan and I was raised on the music and the movies.  Expains a lot doesn’t it.

So, in honor of the King’s birthday Stephe and I made a last minute substitution for this week’s cheesecake.  Please welcome the Queen of Graceland, Elvis’ number one pretty mama, Priscilla Presley.  Yes, we went with a retro shot of ‘Cilla.  Have you seen her lately?  She is one of the army of aging celebrites whose face has been ravaged by plastic surgery.  We’d rather remember her this way, during her “heyday” as an actress.  After leaving Elvis she went on to have a respectible career as a second tier leading lady.  You’ve probably seen her in at least on of the Naked Gun movies.  She was also on Dallas for a while.  In fact, if memory serves, she was the one who was wiped from continuity when Bobby woke up from his dream.

On with the links.

  1. The Mayor of Parts Unknown is back with year end commentary.
  2. Breaking down the BCS championship game.
  3. One man’s opinion on why a playoff in college football is a bad idea.
  4. A tribute to Dr. Death.
  5. One blog worth following
  6. Yeah, about that marketing campaign for Tennessee basketball.
  7. Nicholas Cage truly is everyman.
  8. Methinks the IRS needs an audit of its own.
  9.  Hopefully the answer does not include the words Celine Dion.
  10. McNasty!
  11. McCrazy!
  12. Modern Fossils.
  13. David’s deployment blog.
  14. And this week, David was featured in the Houston Chronicle.
  15. Come to me piggy!
  16. Debuting at SXSW ’10!
  17. The banjo makes good.
  18. Knights of the Soundtable to ride in 2010!
  19. Charity horror show.
  20. Baroness LIVE!  35 minute set.
  21. Beating fun for all ages.
  22. Set phasers for style.
  23. Giuliani has apparently developed the biggest case of amnesia in recorded history.
  24. Geek flix 2010!
  25. At least EA still loves Tiger.  Well, EA and his gaggle of skanks.
  26. Massive white dwarf threatens life on Earth.  Everyone panic!
  27. This one is for David Cantu.  Mark your calendar.
  28. Get the tables!  3-D TV is coming!
  29. Transparency?  Can you use it in a sentence?  Oh, that’s not what I meant at all.
  30. NFL standings for the past decade.
  31. So that really was in New Coke.
  32. Elvis has left the building.  Thank ySoou and good night!

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