Separated at Birth? Kate Gosselin and…

So yesterday afternoon my wife calls me.  She’s looking for a character in a movie.  I ask why.  She asks me if I’ve seen a picture of Kate Gosselin’s new hair. 

I don’t know why I would have.  She tells me where to look.  I find the picture. 

Low and behold I get it.

You remember Kate, the delightful (there is no text manipulation for sarcasm so italic will have to suffice)mother of eight small children and one browbeaten husband?

Yes, that Kate.

Well, apparently in an effort to keep up with her ex-husband’s makeover (teenage girls, frat houses and Ed Hardy shirts), Kate has gotten a new do.

Maybe this whole thing should be in italic.

Anyway, Kate’s new do is the lead on the cover of the new People magazine.  She shares it Mrs. Tiger and those fine Americans from Jersey Shore.

So, who did my wife think Kate’s new do made her look like?

That’s Joe Dirt kids.

My wife has a nasty sense of humor.

2 thoughts on “Separated at Birth? Kate Gosselin and…

  1. wow. i got worked into such a lather at the mere mention of JS i failed to read on….wife is right. paint a moustache on Ms. Kate and pucker up!

  2. everyone on Jersey Shore should be shot, shat upon, and then shoveled into big piles for the seagulls to eat. I like trash way more than the average bear, but c’mon….

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