Friday LinkFrogging – 1/15/10

What a week it has been.


Celebrity Deathmatches.

And the Cowboys won a playoff game.

That, kids, is what they call a segue. 

Please say hello to this week’s cheesecake, Sarah Shahi.

Ms. Shahi is a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and co-star of the dearly departed NBC cop/conspiracy drama Life.

Sarah was slated to be last week’s cheesecake, but was pushed back for topicality, both last week and this week.

The NBC late night situation was just beginning to bubble last Friday.  I knew if we held out until this week Sarah would be a much better choice.  Turns out I was right.

Early on in our LinkFrogging series, I wished karmic payback on Jay Leno.


Because one of the shows that was killed to make room for the ill-fated Jay Leno Show was Life.

Now I ask you, woud you rather look at Leno’s skunk head or Sarah.  Exactly.  For that and that alone Jay should be forced to spend eternity watching his own show.

That’s what I thought.

On with the links.

  1. Not my chair, not my problem.
  2. What are you actually seeing when you watch an NFL game on TV?
  3. Conan O’Brien has The Tonight Show for sale on CraigsList.
  4. Jersey Shore Street Fighter.
  5. Matt LeBlanc gets meta.
  6. A breakdown of the Late Night Wars – past and present.
  7. A great interview with comedian Paul F. Tompkins.
  8. More Paul F. Tompkins – Sketch of the Dead.
  9. In honor of Pete Carroll’s departure, one of the best profiles of the man.
  10. Deadspin discusses the phenomenon that is Kurt Warner.
  11. Apocalypse 2010!  Chris enjoys his meat, but “this still makes sense.”
  12. Imagine you were coordinated enough to play guitar.  This would make that easier.
  13. An app for all of you who can’t find free Hammonds on CraigsList.
  14. Bend over Jay!
  15. The only 6K! (KKKKKK) review they ever gave on a 5K! scale, but live…’Doomsday for the Deceiver.’
  16. Lower East Side sunshine.
  17. Jimmy Kimmel sabotages Jay Leno!
  18. David’s deployment blog.
  19. You talking to me?
  20. Top 10 Most Unlikely Movie Badasses.
  21. Sarah Palin like everything about all of them.
  22. Maybe now John can get some sleep.
  23. Conan gets paid.
  24. Dear Haiti, we hate Pat Robertson too.
  25. Jennifer Love Hewitt bedazzled her privates.
  26. Our very own RJ got a paying gig writing movie reviews.  I hope he’ll still take the Double Bubble in payment for writing for us.
  27. Dear Saints and Colts…
  28. And finally, McGwire rhymes with liar.

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