The New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Drinking Game

Drew Brees


This one goes out to all my long time suffering friends in the Who Dat Nation!

The Super Bo…I mean…The Big Game is on Sunday and in order to enjoy it in proper Louisiana style, I give you the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Drinking Game.

Bottoms Up!


    1. Every time they mention hurricane Katrina, drink 1
    2. If they show pictures of the City of New Orleans right after Katrina,
      drink 1
    3. Every time they say how much the Saints mean to the City of New
      Orleans, drink 1
    4. Every time the words “tragedy”, “flood”, or “devastation” are used,
      drink 1
    5. Every time they talk about how good Reggie Bush was in college, drink
    6. If they show Kim Kardashian in the stands, drink 5
    7. Every time they show a picture of Reggie Bush with a bat or say
      “bringing the wood” drink for 5 seconds..
    8. Every time Reggie Bush gets negative yardage trying to run around in
      the backfield a bunch and outrun the defense, drink 1 and turn to the
      person next to you and say “I told you Vince Young should have won the
    9. Every time Reggie Bush gets up and flexes his arms in that pose he
      likes to do, drink 1
    10. If they mention Tim Tebow for any reason, funnel a beer
    11. Every time they say that “it’s destiny for the Saints to win”
      drink 1
    12. If they show footage of Katrina survivors at the Superdome, take a
      shot of cheap liquor
    13. If they call Saints fans the most passionate fans in football, drink
    14. If they say that the Saints, Saints fans, or the City of New Orleans
      “deserve” a Superbowl victory, drink 1
    15. Every time they say how good of a story the Saints are, drink 1
    16. If Jeremy Shockey pretends to be hurt after dropping a pass, drink
    17. If they mention the Saints beating the Falcons in 2006 in the first
      game after Katrina in the Superdome, drink 5 and remember that we are
      still a better football team with better fans.
    18. Every time they compare hurricane Katrina to the Haiti earthquake,
      funnel a beer and yell “********!”
    19. Every time they mention Drew Brees as the Mardi Gras king, drink
    20. Every time they show Archie Manning, drink 1, and mention how bad
      he sucked. If they show old footage of him on the Saints, drink 5. If
      they mention how tough of a decision it was for him as for whom to cheer
      for, drink 10.
    21. Every time they show a saints fan yelling “Who dat!” Or a sign/shirt
      saying the same, drink 1.
    22. If they show Chris Paul at the game, drink 1 and mention to someone
      how much better he is than Marvin Williams.
    23. If they show former Mayor Ray Nagin, drink 5 and then punch someone
      in the face

    2 thoughts on “The New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Drinking Game

    1. Wow man. Good fun! But everybody would be wasted before the end of the 1st quarter. Fortunately, I doubt there’ll be many Nagin flashbacks.

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