Downtown Motorists

I live on the East end of downtown and work in downtown.  Practically everyday I am almost hit by morons making right or left turns from the second lanes.  I don’t know what it is, but some people seem to think they aren’t allowed to drive in the first lanes.  Now I know the far right lane is the bus lane…but at certain times.  The far left lanes sometimes have a red marking by the curb which is a no parking indicator.  I think idiots see that and think that’s a non-driving lane.  Point is, that the far left and right lanes are for turning and going straight.  So I’ve been bitching about this for years and lo and behold a couple of weeks ago I was in the far right lane at 8pm in downtown.  I was intending to go straight at the next intersection.  The driver in the Red Bull car on my left decided they were gonna make a right turn at the intersection and of course went right into me.  Thanks Red Bull Mini Cooper…smooth move.

One thought on “Downtown Motorists

  1. dude, that’s a drag. most people can’t drive. I assume everybody’s going to do the stupidest thing they possibly can at any given moment when behind the wheel. alas, even this is sometimes not enough.

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