Friday LinkFrogging – 2/12/10

Welcome to Friday Cats and Kittens. 

A lot of good information out there this week, both from us and others.  Let’s turn this thing over and see where it takes us.

Before we leave the driveway and hit the information superhighway, let’s stop for a slice of cheesecake. 

Say hello to Sofia Vergara.  Sofia currently stars as Gloria on ABC’s hysterically funny Modern Family, which I believe is karma’s way of rewarding Ed O’Neill for all those years as Al Bundy on Married with Children.

Despite a recent gaffe on The View, Sofia is one of the breakout stars of the 2009-2010 television season.

If you’re not watching Modern Family, you really should be.  It is the funniest show on television at the moment.  Look up.  There’s another reason to watch.

On to the links.

  1. Joe Paterno takes off his glasses.  A nation mourns.
  2. The first look-in on Halo:  Reach.  Sweet Jesus.
  3.  French Philosopher cites made-up source.  When you study dead guys study dead guys, shouldn’t fact-checking be easier?
  4. Daily news for the thinking man.
  5. Full Quicksand set circa ’94.
  6. History-eraser button update.
  7. And the classic Hadron rap.
  8. Sports is a game.  Life is life!
  9. Allah Akbar dudes!
  10. Momma, I’m coming home.
  11. David’s Iraq deployment blog.
  12. John Mayer is a douchebag (part 1).
  13. Bad Songs by Good Bands.
  14. Bigger geek:  Ferris Bueller or Cameron Frye?  Discuss.
  15. This is just not right.
  16. John Mayer is a douchebag (Part 2).
  17. A blog about indie film and mixed martial arts.  Wait, its not us?
  18. Feel sorry for Peyton Manning won’t you?  WHO DAT!
  19. Bad tattoos are funny.
  20. The final curtain falls on Camelot?
  21. File this under creative bankruptcy and move along.  Nothing to see here.
  22. One last time.  SUCK IT LENO!
  23. See Alice in Wonderland early.  It might be all the time you have.
  24. John Mayer is a douchebag (Part 3).
  25. Because diamonds are forever, and so is Ric Flair, whether we like it or not.  WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  26. I’m still not sure what WWE’s NXT is.  RIP ECW.
  27. Christopher Nolan ready to work on Dark Knight sequel.  He’ll also “mentor” Superman movie.
  28. Netflix will soon be streaming to the Wii.

One thought on “Friday LinkFrogging – 2/12/10

  1. HMFG!! Thank you little Lord Jesus for saving us from our sins, if only so that I might sin anew by gazing upon what must surely be one of your Father’s most visually pleasing creations.

    I finally have the right subject for starting up my cloning operation.

    Oh yeah, and Modern Family really is a good show too!

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