dUg Pinnick update: Razr 13 + A.N.M.

Those of you familiar with dUg (Doug) Pinnick likely know him best as the frontman/songwriter/bassist of Texas rock legends King’s X. He’s still being there and doing that, but in the meantime he’s been one busy man with a number of side projects.

dUg wants you!

Most fully formed among these are Razr 13 and A.N.M. Razr 13 has been playing with increasing frequency in Texas and Little Texas (err…Oklahoma) to larger more enthusiastic crowds and increased critical praise each and every show.

dUg’s role in this band is limited to that of frontman. Guitarist Big Mike’s dad actually wrote all the lyrics he’s singing. As you can see from this recent performance in Tulsa, however, the words don’t have to be dUg’s own for him to deliver them with full force.

A.N.M. (Anti-Nigger Machine, after the Public Enemy song) involves a variety of bigger names (Jimi Hazel + Rick Skatore: 24-y Spyz. Spacey T. + Phil D. Fish: Fishbone. Greg Fulton: Cyclone Temple) with which dUg is a more active participant. The band, based in Brooklyn, hasn’t played out yet but hints are starting to emerge that the time might be near. In the meantime, enjoy this tease…

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