GonzoGeek vs. The Oscars 2010: Recap

GonzoGeek vs. The Oscars 2010

POST-SHOW UPDATE: The results are in, and if you went for any upsets, you were shit out of luck.  Here’s where we all stood:

RJ: 6/6
Chuck 4/6
Bruce 2/6
Chris 2/6
Matt 2/6
Wrestlemania 2000 2/6
John 0/4
Stephe 0/5
Aamir 0/1

Most of us picked with our hearts and went for the bold choices.  RJ picked with his head, even if it mean embracing his inner cynic, and it paid off.  He walks away with the crown for this year.  Everyone else, Wrestlemania 2000 included, will be kicking themselves for not just playing it safe. 

We’ve been making our predictions for the annual shit show that is the Academy Awards all month long. With the ceremony tomorrow, let’s refresh on everybody’s picks for the six major awards.

  Supporting Actress Supporting Actor Director
Aamir Vera Farmiga    
Bruce Anna Kendrick Christoph Waltz Quentin Tarantino
Chris Mo’Nique Stanley Tucci Kathryn Bigelow
Chuck Mo’Nique Christoph Waltz James Cameron
John Penelope Cruz   Quentin Tarantino
Matt Mo’Nique Woody Harrelson Kathryn Bigelow
RJ Mo’Nique Christoph Waltz Kathryn Bigelow
Stephe Penelope Cruz   James Cameron
Wrestlemania 2000 Mo’Nique Christoph Waltz Quentin Tarantino
  Actress Actor Picture
Bruce Meryl Streep Jeff Bridges Up In The Air
Chris Gabourey Sidibe Jeremy Renner Avatar
Chuck Carey Mulligan Jeff Bridges The Hurt Locker
John Meryl Streep    
Matt Meryl Streep Colin Firth Inglourious Basterds
RJ Sandra Bullock Jeff Bridges The Hurt Locker
Stephe   Colin Firth Avatar
Wrestlemania 2000 Gabourey Sidibe George Clooney Inglourious Basterds

13 thoughts on “GonzoGeek vs. The Oscars 2010: Recap

  1. Give Tomei the reverse-career award. Even if she didn’t deserve it for My Cousin Vinny (which I’ve never seen…pause so everyone can throw things at me), she earned it in The Wrestler last year.

    I regretted my own Woody Harrelson pick, I wanted to switch to Waltz but what was done was done. I’m also always going to pick (incorrectly) on idealism…nothing in my body would let me admit Bullock would take a trophy.

    Congrats to RJ, and to Chuck for getting 4/6. Everyone else batted .333 at best. Wrestlemania 2000 needs to step up its game.

  2. Tomei is fine in my book as well. And I laughed a lot at MCV when I saw it. I also agree about the clear and chronic underrating of comedic performances by Oscar. But, MCV was no Dr. Strangelove and MT is no Sellers, as evidenced by her resume since then.

    If there was an Oscar each year for Person You Never Thought Would Be More Than A Bit Player But Actually Did Some Really Good Work (kind of their version of the MTV ‘Breakout’ award) she was the clear winner.

    In other words, I think she won that one because of the degree by which she exceeded the until then very low expectations of her.

  3. Comedic performances are consistently underrated, though. Peter Sellers, for instance, never won an Oscar and his work with Kubrick in Lolita and Dr. Strangelove are two of the best performances in cinema history.

  4. I love Marisa Tomei, the dark hair, dark eyed beauty. I enjoyed My Cousin VInny. Not sure she deserved the award, however.

  5. I think Tomei’s win is still a lower reference point. If she won for that than why on earth didn’t Cameron Diaz even get nominated for her part in ‘What Happens In Vegas’?

  6. I’m suggesting that in her Hollywood career, Sandra has clearly managed to get a little dirt on everyone and has leveraged that information to finagle a Best Actress award.

    She must be taking lessons from Marisa Tomei.

  7. Are you then suggesting it was nothing but a big budget Lifetime movie?

    Oh, wait, that was me yesterday.

    I’m maddeningly consistent. Once again 2/6.

    Hey, that would win me a batting title some years.

  8. You seem to be saying that these awards are NOT a recognition of excellence, but rather a self-congratulatory PR event staged to keep movie goers interested in an industry increasingly geared to lowest common denominator entertainment.


    That would, however, explain how Bullock wins for what is essentially a made for cable film.

  9. Ah, the Oscars. A battle of PR teams and advertising dollars. The Hollywood hive mind was pushed Bullock’s way and she was coronated.

  10. Bragging rights.

    0/5!! A personal best!

    And could someone please explain to me the Sandra Bullock win? Did Jesse threaten some people?

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