Jamie Jungers Wins $75K on Tiger’s 9 iron

Howard Stern today held the Tiger Woods’ Mistress Beauty Pageant on his Sirius Radio show. Four confirmed mistresses were originally booked but only three (Jungers, Jaimie Grubbs, and Loradena Jolie) ended up showing. Jungers won.

a little lower....

Howard, Robin Givens, Gary Del’Abbate, Fred Norris, and Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman judged the paegent, with voting based 50:50 on physical beauty and having the best story to tell. In an ironic (for Tiger) twist, Ashley Madison also put up the $100,000 purse for the contest: 75K for first, 15 for second, and 10 for third.

Jungers physical evidence is on display to the right. Some of the details offered by Jamie that also helped seal the deal?:

• When he asked about a threesome, she replied ‘only if your wife is involved.’

• T-Wood would fly her COACH on Southwest to their liasons.

• She balled him the night his father died and was with him when he got the call.

• He didn’t use condoms with her for their 18 months together.

• His pet name for her? Jamie Juicers.

Jungers cried in the aftermath. Third-place whore Loradena Jolie maintained that if she had only told all that had actually happened she would have won.

Awww….I guess the poor thing thought copping to T’s cock as being bigger than Michael Jordan’s or Bruce Willis’ was going to seal the deal for her.

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