Kidrobot 18: Kozik’s Kid Mutant


Bear with me as this is my first foray into flat out shilling for a product.

I’m a fan of the Kidrobot Mascot figures.  They’re fun.  I have the Kid Reaper on a shelf behind my desk at work,

Die, Mother F***er, Die!

side by side with an electric green luchadore (Tequila Smash! or Incredible Tequila Edition by Muttpop),

Tequila Smash puny toy collectors!

a ‘stache sporting banana (Kozik’s Big Mongers- Ramirez, by kidrobot),

Finally, a toy with 'a peel'! HAHAHAHAHAHA

and a shiny happy Shriner (Shag’s Shriner, by Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink).

Big Fun. Tiny Cars.

Come Thursday, I’ll be adding this guy.

‘Our icon is back to contaminate your vinyl collection! After Frank Kozik exposed him to nuclear radiation, Kidrobot emerges with green skin, three eyes, and tentacles for arms! Limited to only 1000 worldwide and retailing for $50, this 8-inch aberration comes with a one-eyed, three-eared, six-legged mutant smorkin’ Labbit and arrives at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers on March 18.’

Copy and Image lifted from the Kidrobot Blog, where they own the copyright:

Enjoy bitches!

PS:  Through some universal fluke, I found them online for ordering at , 49.99 + shipping.  Trying to find more stores carrying it for anyone interested.  If you find one, post the link.

3-18 11:00 cst.   Now live at Kidrobot.