I find it very interesting that the mainstream media does not label or use the term “terrorist” when talking about the Christian Militia’s we’ve been hearing about.  Planning to kill police officers, planning violence against the federal government, and cache’s of weapons and explosives…but that’s not terrorism.  Now if they were brown and Muslim guess what they would be called?

4 thoughts on ““Militia”

  1. yeah. if you can think at a high enough level to do that.

    the vast majority of America can’t. and I guarantee you if your name’s Abdul, you ‘look’ Muslim, and you get busted planning to kill just about anyone who isn’t boning your wife — and certainly any group of someones, be they civilians or anything else — it won’t matter if you born in Topeka, Kansas, and were an honors student at Oral Roberts…you will be labeled a terrorist.

  2. Where are those Muslims from? Who specifically do they want to kill?

    If they’re homegrown: Extremist
    If they’re foreign born Terrorists

    If they want to kill cops and soldiers: Extremist
    If they want to kill you and me: Terrorist

    It’s about managing the ‘Us vs. Them’ dynamic.

  3. and remember the rodgering the O-ministration took when they dared suggest we be on the lookout for domestic right-wing extremists??

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