Friday LinkFrogging – 4/16/10

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Alright, let’s get it on!

Welcome back cats and kittens.  Its time once again for you take a stroll around the web with your favorite bunch of geeks.

Don’t worry.  We won’t send you alone into those scary corners of the cyber world.  Oh no, as always we’ll provide you with a travelling companion sure to make the trip much more enjoyable.

Please say hello to this week’s cheesecake, Busy Philipps.

I can hear some of you already.

What the…?

Who the…?

Ms. Philipps got her first taste of fame as freak bad girl, Kim Kelly, on the late and lamented Freaks and Geeks.  Since then she’s worked pretty steadily with appearances on ER, Entourage, White Chicks and Made of Honor.  She can currently be found plying her craft on ABC’s Cougar Town.

And that my dear friends is what got her this week’s nod.  In a week with not much new to watch on television, the wife and I played catch up on some DVR’ed programming, including a nearly season length Cougar Town marathon.  She that sticks last sticks best I suppose.

And FYI, she also co-wrote Blades of Glory for which Jon Heder will be forever grateful.

On with the links.

 The Mayor of Parts Unknown is back.

Joss Whedon to direct The Mighty Avengers?  I just died a little bit inside.


I think I wrote a story like this in 8th grade.

How a sandwich makes you its bitch in 11 easy steps.

Ahoy Satan!

Yes, we too have  a heart.

MIRV and ABM…a laugh riot with policy and booze!!

Celebrate, the Rocky Mountain Way.

A comic genius.

RIP Peter Steele, 48.

David’s Iraq deployment blog.

Conan O’Brien headed to TBS.  Interesting…

Disturbing ad for personal lube. (Give it a second)

Why Tracy Morgan hates Tobey Maguire.

Five details wireless companies don’t want you to know when choosing a plan.

This year’s top 10 banned books.

Stay classy Philly Phan.

How is it that Jon Stewart remains the lone sane voice in American politic discourse?

Princess Leia and Lara Croft in a snowball fight.  You know you want to watch.

This just in!

Commentary:  The Movie.

WWE Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

An interview with Matt Parker and Trey Stone regarding South Park’s (great) 200th episode.

Hard to believe Steven Seagal is a scumbag isn’t it?

And finally, robots learn tai chi.  Translation?  Supreme Ultimate Fist.  Skynet is pleased.

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