The Ultimate Fighter – Season 11, Episode 3

Things hit the ground running this week.  Dana White has all of the fighters gathered in the training center with no explanation for why they are there.

Everyone is, understandably, nervous.

It turns out that rather than a damaged tooth, Chris Camozzi suffered a fractured jaw in his preliminary fight.  He is forced to quit the competition.  Tito Ortiz is given a list of the fighters who didn’t make the cut that are cleared to fight.  He will be able to pick from them to replace Camozzi.

After reviewing the list Team Ortiz chooses Seth Bazynski to replace Camozzi.  Tito says he’s happy with the replacement and he’d had his eye on Bazynski.

Then its time for Chuck Liddell to pick this week’s fight.

He chooses James Hammortree (Team Ortiz) to take on Brad Tavares (Team Liddell).

Hammortree impressed me in the prelims.  He’s a tall dude and a hard striker.  Tavares was memorable for his quote that fighting “is fun.”

This should be interesting.

Jamie Yager continues to position himself as the guy you love to hate.  This week he locks horns with teammate, Nick Ring, during a sparring session.  Things escalate after Yager calls Ring a bitch and the two have to be pulled apart.  Really?  You’re on The Ultimate Fighter and you get tweaked when another fighter calls you a bitch?  Really?

Come on guys.

Then its fight time.

It was a tough fight with both men taking as much punishment as they dished out.  It looked to me like a split decision after 2 rounds with both men taking one.  Turns out I was right and we have our first fight of the season going to sudden victory.

The third and final round was close, but Tavares kept Hammortree tied up and delivered some solid blows to take the round and the fight.

Tito Ortiz was none too happy after losing the first two fights.

I have to think that even though he lost James Hammortree positioned himself nicely for the “wild card” slot later on.

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