The Orson Randall Project – Update 2

Well, its been about four months since I announced my intentions to craft a custom Orson Randall Iron Fist in the Super Hero Squad style.    

Why the delay in update 2?    






Okay, okay.  I’m having a bitch of a time finding a right hand.    

Happy now?    

Let me explain.    

As you may recall I was using this guy    

Iron Fist

And this guy as bases.    

The Punisher
The first thing I did was take apart Iron Fist.
Iron Fist Disassemble!

That’s when the trouble started.    

I have previously removed the Punisher’s right hand with no problem. He’s articulated at the wrist and it just popped out.    

The wrist in question

Go back up and look at the Disassembled Iron Fist.    

Do you see the problem?    


Fist is articulated at the shoulder.  That means I have to find another SHS figure with an articulated wrist to add to our mix.  So far, I’ve found is Thor (Fig. 5) and while I like Iron Fist, I really doubt he’s qualified to lift Mjolnir.  I’ve also found a Hulk (Fig. 8)  figure, but the hand looks disproportionately large.    

So, Stephe and I have been scouring SHS figures old and new looking for someone with an articulated wrist.  I’ve checked the equivalent Star Wars and GI Joe figures with no luck.  As of now, the search for the correct fist continues.    

If worse comes to worse I’ll use the Hulk fist and paint it yellow to signal its transformation into “something like unto iron.”    

So, when the Punisher’s hand popped right off, I assumed that the limbs on all the figures would do the same.    

Wrong again.    


Apparently the posts used to hold these things together is plastic and it doesn’t give up the ghost very well.    


As you can see, that neck is going to have to be drilled out and then I have to figure out a new attachment method.    

None of these problems are insurmountable.  I’ll figure them out.    

The Orson Randall Project continues.    

More updates coming soon.

3 thoughts on “The Orson Randall Project – Update 2

    1. I dig A great resource for fans of tiny toys (superhero squad, action league). Bruce and I scoured your site up and down during the early stages of the Orson Rand project. And thanks for reminding me I owe Bruce a Deadpool.

  1. If the post comes out of the body of the Punisher, cut his head off by splitting it in half. You’ll still need a very steady hand to drill out the post on IF.

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