The Ultimate Fighter – Season 11, Episode 4

Jamie Yager

This week’s episode promised two fights.

What does that mean?

It means more of the fighting we tune in to see with the UFC and less of the reality show filler.

We got the filler up front with footage from last week of Jamie Yager cheering on Brad Tavares.  The problem?  Yager is Team Ortiz and Tavares is Team Liddell.  Nick Ring confronts Yager about the breach of etiquette.  Yager’s reasoning?

“He’s my boy.”

I’m really hoping we get to see Ring fight Yager at some point.

Chuck Liddell still has fight selection control and he picks tonight’s first fight.  It will be Rich Attonito (Team Liddell) taking on Kyacey Uscola (Team Ortiz). 

Attonito comes out swinging and seems to have the first round won.  Then Uscola lands a pair of illegal knees and gets disqualified.  Attonito is laid out and unable to respond.

The replay shows the knees in question.  I think it was a judgment call, but I’m fine with Uscola losing simply because that is not how you spell “Casey.”

After the fight, Tito Ortiz storms away from the Octagon, ripping a door off in the process.  I’m no architect, but if I were Dana White, I think I’d want to invest in a better quality door.  I’ve only watched two seasons of TUF and I’ve already seen Ortiz AND Rampage Jackson rip doors off hinges.  I’m just saying.

Later, at the house, Attonito returns with his hand in a cast.  Seems he may have broken it during the fight.  His future in the competition is in question.

Liddell picks the next fight.  It will be Charles Blanchard (Team Liddell) taking on Jamie Yager (Team Ortiz).  Ortiz really needs this fight to get his team off the schneid and gain control of the fight selection process.  Based on what I’ve seen so far, I think he’s got a shot with Yager.

Yager doesn’t disappoint.  After taking an unexpected punch early, Yager quickly rebounds and lays Blanchard out.  The fight ends at 1:09 of the first round by TKO.

Yager wins and Ortiz has control for the next episode.

They continue to paint Yager as the season’s “villain.”  So far, he seems to have the tools to back up his mouth.  We’ll see if that holds up when we reach the next round.

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