Summer Movies 2010

Its that time of year again.

Time for the studios to roll out the big blockbusters full of explosions and other enjoyable types of gratuity.  This is the time of year when we get to enjoy movies rather than films.

Last year, The Hangover was the big surprise and Land of the Lost was the big stinker.  After looking through the week by week list on IMDB, I see a lot of stinker potential.  Too much in fact.  Still, there are movies to been seen, popcorn to be eaten and fun to be had.

Let’s take a look at the summer movies I’m most intrigued by, in no particular order.

Iron Man 2 – The summer movie season begins and ends with this one for me.  If they nail it, I think Marvel is on their way to owning the superhero movie business.  Thor, Captain America and the Avengers are all lined up and ready to go.  No pressure whatsoever.

The A-Team – Don’t even say it.  I loved the TV show when I was younger.  I really dig the cast they’ve put together.  Rampage Jackson may be the only person on Earth who could take over for Mr. T.  The trailers rock.  I hope the movie is half as fun.

The Karate Kid – aka Will Smith:  The Next Generation.  Jaden Smith takes over for Ralph Macchio.  Jackie Chan takes over for Pat Morita.  The movie moves to China.  Sounds like upgrades all the way around.  My kids are genuinely excited about this one.  I look forward to taking them to see it.  Sweep the leg!

Toy Story 3 – I’ve seen the 3-D trailer for this one twice now.  It looks like a fun movie.  Andy is all grown up and moving on.  Woody and the other toys get donated.  Then Andy has second thoughts.  Sound familiar?  Sure.  Sound fun?  Absolutely.

The Expendables – I’m probably showing my age by being excited about this one.  They just don’t make action movies like they did in the 80s.  How do you fix that?  Bring all those guys together with a few newer action stars and start blowing stuff up?  One please.

Jonah Hex – This one tests the limits of my fanboydom.  Hex is C level at best, but anything to get Megan Fox in a bustier, right?  I want this to be good.  I want it to be weird.  I’ve seen the trailer.  I’m not sure its going to pull of either.

Despicable Me – I’ve seen two different trailers for this movie and I still have NO idea what its about.  I do however know that the people involved are comedy gold.  Could turn out to be a fun romp.  We’ll see.

The Other Guys – Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play a pair of detectives who are constantly being shown up the by the top guys in their precinct, played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson.  This one has late summer sleeper written all over it.

 Predators – My age is showing again, but the idea of a Robert Rodriguez helmed Predator movie has me a excited.  Adrien Brody as the lead?  Not so much.  Still, “if it bleeds we can kill it.”

Grown Ups – Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider play childhood friend reunited after the death of their basketball coach.  I found myself laughing at the trailer in spite of myself.  There are some quality chops to be had here if every can hold back just a bit.

Others of interest:  MacGruber, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Dinner for Schmucks,  and Machete

2 thoughts on “Summer Movies 2010

  1. Nice one Bruce. The one I’m most intrigued by is ‘The Other Guys.’ The one I’m terribly afraid might be a disaster? ‘The Expendables.’

    Is ‘The Losers’ out yet? I keep getting the two crossed in my head. Maybe we’ll have a ‘Paul Blart’ vs.’Observe & Report’ in the end. One sucked and got all the press, the other was great but nobody cared cuz the other one sucked so much!

  2. Grown Ups is a Happy Madison film so I’m interested which coroporate sponsorship will get heavily advertised in this moive. Given how much outright advertising there is in Sandler’s films, I’m sure they pay for themselves pretty quickly.

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