Friday LinkFrogging – 5/7/10


Let’s be honest kids.  We’ve all had today circled on our calendars for a couple of years.  Ever since Tony Stark said “I am Iron Man.”  

That’s right, today is the day that Iron Man 2 opens and we GonzoGeeks couldn’t be any happier.  

I’m sure the movie won’t have that sense of wonder the first one had.  That would be nearly impossible to recapture.  But it does have the visceral enjoyment of watching Hollywood’s two favorite reclamation cases, Robert Downey, Jr. and Mickey Rourke, go toe-to-toe.  

And Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.  

Oh yeah, and this week’s cheesecake in black leather.  

Say hello to Scarlett Johansson, appearing this weekend as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2.  I’ve got to be honest dear reader(s), we’ve been sitting on this one for a while.  When I realized we’d have a Friday LinkFrogging on the same day that Iron Man 2 opened, well, I put this photo in the file and saved it for today.  

You’re welcome.  

On with the links.  

 Hank Azaria is a funny dude.  

For the discriminating trade paperback collector.  

For the discriminating Hellboy collector.  

Wait…Kim Kardashian is an attention whore?  I had no idea.  

Sometimes its not so good to be the King.  

The six greatest movie villains we’ve forgotten about.  

Wal-Mart sucks.  

Scott Brown tries to avoid dancing too closely with who brung him.  

David’s Iraq deployment blog.  

Fly, you do.  

Metal saves!  

Chris vouches for these cats.  Get in touch if you fit the bill!  

The sledge my tool to torture.  

More music video fun.  

What?!  Still more fun??!  Hellz yeah!  

Boon?  Bust?  Future weapon?  

Keeping it clean.  

A good man.  

As a kid, when he wasn’t listening to Frank Zappa, Chris listened to…  

Since I finally saw Monsters, Inc. last weekend, the top 10 fictional one-eyed characters.  

Remember kids, those prom photos will haunt you forever. A couple of days late, but in honor of Cinco de Mayo, girls making squeamish tequila faces.

Why the media ignored the Nashville flood.

8 NFL teams heading for rough times.

And finally, in honor of Iron Man 2, my six year old introduced me to this fun Super Hero Squad game on Cartoon Network’s website yesterday.  Enjoy!

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