The Ultimate Fighter – Season 11, Episode 6

We’re back again, and so is Chuck Lidell. 

Having retaken control in our last episode, Lidell is in charge of setting the penultimate first round fight.  In doing so, he chooses Nick Ring (Team Ortiz) to take on Court McGee (Team Liddell).

Ring was Ortiz’ first overall selection and Tito feels pretty good about the matchup.

McGee starts as something of a cypher, but they flesh him out by the time the episode is over.

McGee, it turns out, became a fighter after kicking drug and alcohol dependency.  Of course, that gives him an immediate personality and makes him more likeable.

Meanwhile, Ring has a swishy Canadian accent and seems unconcerned about the fight.

In other news, during a training session, James Hammortree injures his back and has to be removed from the Octagon on a stretcher.  Dude just can’t catch a break.  Turns out he may have a slipped disk.  His chances at that wildcard got a lot slimmer.

This week also brought the “Coach’s Challenge.”  This season, its dodgeball.  Remember, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.  Apparently Tito Ortiz can’t dodge a wrench because he gets shut out, even taking the last shot from Chuck Liddell.  Liddell walks out with 10k, bragging rights and a big smile on his face.

After some kumbaya bonding by Team Ortiz over Kyacey Uscola’s concerns about Ortiz’ training methods, its fight time.

Ring comes out strong, taking the fight to McGee.  McGee holds his own, but but doesn’t make much of a splash in the first round.  The second round is something different.  McGee seems to have found his range on Ring and takes the fight to him.  It looked like a split decision and round three.


To the surprise of Dana White and the ire of Chuck Liddell, the judges awarded the fight to Ring after two.  I think it was the wrong call, but I’m just a guy writing a blog.  What do I know.

In any event, with the injuries mounting, McGee seems well positioned for a shot at the wildcard.

In case you’re keeping track at home, we’ve got only two fighters and one first round fight left.  Next week will be Joe Henle (Team Liddell) and Seth Baczynski (Team Ortiz).

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