Friday LinkFrogging – 5/14/10

Take that Kristen Stewart.

Welcome back cats and kittens.

The word of the week is Adenovirus.  You’ve been warned.

The geek world lost an icon this week with the passing of Frank Frazetta.  For decades, his iconic work has graced the covers of books, magazines, Molly Hatchet albums and vans everywhere.  He created a style, full of buxom warrior women, barbarians and wild beasts that have worked their way into our collective consciousness

So, in honor of Mr. Frazetta’a passing, we are pleased to give one of his paintings the slot as our cheesecake of the week.  Say hello to Vampirella.  Whether a vampire or a blood sucking alien, Vampirella was this GonzoGeek’s first encounter with both Mr. Frazetta’s work and cheesecake.  You could learn a lot at the Kroger’s magazine rack in the 70s. 

Rest in Peace Frank.

To the links.

Tea party “fun”!

Rojo Johnson.

Space Time.

Pulled by polar bears, he ascends to sit beside Odin.

Two cool dudes…and Jose too.

Chris’ new favorite TV show.

David’s Iraq deployment blog.

Nintendo declares war on Apple.

Chatroulette the web’s home of random naked dudes.

Total Recall…the musical???

Five silly initiation rituals of sinister organizations.

JP Morgan Chase on mortgages.  Look, there’s a fox in the henhouse.

Alien Ant Farm for life!

Meet the writers you’ll be reading in the coming years.

Inside the mind of Lorne Michaels.

What’s next for Kimbo Slice?

Bandz aka Crocs 2010.

The worst wedding DJ ever.

Lawfully wedded ogres.

And finally, “if you sell it, they will come.”

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