Friday LinkFrogging – 5/21/10

Class Dismissed!

Welcome back one and all to your weekly gaggle (school?  pride?  murder?) of links provided to you by all of us here at GonzoGeek.

I enjoy seeing what my Gonzo Compadres come up with each and every week.  They never fail to find some truly interesting stuff out there.  This week is no exception.

But before we head down that long and lonesome road that is the information superhighway, let’s meet this week’s travelling companion shall we?

Say hello to Alison Brie.  What a perfect name for the young lady who is this week’s cheesecake.  I can hear you out there kids.  “Why Alison Brie?”

Some weeks the selection process is organic.  This is one of those weeks. 

Stephe and I were discussing Iron Man 2.  That led us to talking about Green Lantern.  We weren’t sure who had been cast as Carol Ferris, the love interest/bad girl villain, Star Sapphire (cosplay warning).  Turns out it was Blake Lively (bonus slice of cheesecake).  I couldn’t really see that.  Then later that night I watched a recorded episode of Community.  Ms. Brie’s character, Annie Edison, was scheming to keep the study group together and something about it made me think she’d be the perfect Carol Ferris.

I told Stephe.  He liked it and I realized we had our cheesecake.

Plus, who doesn’t like black lace and white oxfords.


On with the links.

 Speaking of Iron Man 2, since I haven’t had a chance to write a review, here’s RJ’s.

Real life Breaking Bad.

Think you can stop the bleeding that is our nation’s budget?  Check out this game and try to balance it for yourself.

Dio and Lemmy.

Dio on American Idol, the US.

Dio in the studio.

Dio at home.

Dio on cancer.

Dio explains the horns…and Gene Simmons.

Dio – “Rainbow in the Dark” (Live 1986).

Rollins on Dio.

Real America.

Modern-day snake oil exposed.

New music to check out now.

Slash update.

Sad marine humor.

He opened the portals to the center of the mind…no, not Timothy Leary.

The BIRDEMIC experience. is supporting this comic book project so check it out and buy some copies.

In honor of MacGruber’s opening weekend, the best and worst SNL movies.

David’s Iraq deployment blog.

“How to Be Cool” – the definitive list.

Dear Sarah Jessica Parker, we already knew this.

Foxy boxing?

Dear al-Qaida, if you blow up the Dutch team in the World Cup, you will get NO media coverage in America.  Well, maybe on ESPN 2.

And finally, Bret Michaels is back in the hospital.  Ride the wind dude!

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