Friday LinkFrogging – 5/28/10

Testing…testing…*thump thump.* Is this thing on?? Ahh…there we go. Welcome back my friends, to the links that never end! Bruce went down to the coast this weekend to try to verify some chupacabra sightings out on Bolivar, but before departing left me with the wonderful task of making sure this gets to the world.

What makes it wonderful? Well aside from getting to see all of this stuff first, I get to choose our weekly serving of Cheesecake.

I had taken on the search a couple of times before, just to get my hands a little bit dirty, and been stung at least one of those times. Turns out the folks who create viruses attach them to photos of female celebrities.

But now I was older and wiser right? Turns out, not so much…

Somewhere between trying to find a non-skanky photo of Lindsey Lohan and a hot photo of Erin Burnett, and despite trying to be as conservative as possible in the depth and breadth of my searches, I got stung again. Let this be a lesson to all you lads and lasses, if you go out looking for trouble, no matter what kind of protection you’re using, you will catch something and it will not be easy to get rid of!

Three days of computer ICU later I’ve decided to stay closer to home in my roamings and now have the pleasure of presenting to you, Houston’s own, Julin Jean.

Doesn’t ring any bells? That’s alright, soon enough. After cutting her teeth doing commercials, Julin has rapidly evolved into Texas indie film-makers’ go-to girl, with 13 movies either in production or set to be released in 2010 and a turn through ‘Friday Night Lights’. Heck, she’s already practically a cousin, having featured in the award- winning ‘Sweatshop’ with FOGG (Friend of GonzoGeek) Jeremy ‘The Beast’ Sumrall.

Not content to stick with movies though Julin’s also in the process of launching a club music career, self-releasing her own material while also singing on ‘Fever’ from the Ying Yang Twins’ ‘Forever Ying Yang’ CD.

So, all you H-town playa haters, take one last look while you can, then dive into the links!


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