The Ultimate Fighter – Season 11, Episode 9

The first thing we see when the show opens is Tito Ortiz telling his fighters he needs surgery on a slipped disc.  Sounds more like he’s trying to duck Liddell to me.  I’m just saying.

Tonight we were scheduled for two fights.

The first one was Kris McCray and Kyle Noke.

The two guys took each others’ best stuff and after two rounds the fight was tied.  You know what that means?  Sudden victory.

After the third round was over, McCray had done enough to win and advance to the semi-finals.

Tito talks more to his team about his need for surgery.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.

Then we head for our next fight.  Brad Tavares takes on Seth Bazcynski.  These two pounded on one another for the entirety of the first round.  Just as the round ended, Baczynski soccer kicked Tavares in the face and dropped him.  The roof blew off the UFC training center.  Coaches were yelling at fighters.  Fighters were yelling at coaches.  Tito went after Joe Henle.  Liddell intervened.

Meanwhile, back in the Octagon, the doctors checked on Tavares who had no idea where he was.  I’m pretty sure he said he was Bat-Man at one point.  The ref called the fight and DQ’ed Baczynski. 

Tavares advances.

After the fight, Dana White calls Chuck Liddell into his office.  It is then that he tells Chuck that Tito Ortiz has backed out of their scheduled fight.  As the credits roll, Chuck is raging about Tito’s manhood, or lack thereof.

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