Friday LinkFrogging – 6/18/10

Heard you missed us.  We’re back.

That’s right, its time for another trip of the light fantastic through our weekly internet finds.  But wait, what’s that there on the left?

Why, its iToad.

What’s iToad you may rightfully ask.  Well, Stephe decided our regular feature needed a mascot and whipped up this electro-amphibian.  You’ll be seeing him each week when we roll out the LinkFrogging.

When I asked Stephe if there was anything he wanted to say about his creation when we unleashed him, he said:

Living in an app-addled, i-Mad world, it seemed only fitting that we have the right look for our little corner of cyberspace.  Classes the joint up, don’t it?

That’s right, we applied the old Arthur Carlson mentality to our top feature.  If its worth doing, its worth having a mascot.

But don’t think just because we got a frog we forgot one of the main reasons you came here.  We’ve still got cheesecake.

Say hello to the former Mrs. Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet.

Why Lisa Bonet?  That’s a twisty tale dear readers.  Our original choice for this week was Marisa Tomei to coincide with the release of Cyrus.  Unfortunately, I could only find two kinds of picturs of Ms. Tomei.  They were either demure glam shots or full frontal shots.  Neither served our purposes.  So, then Stephe and I were talking about my dilemma and I, offhandedly, suggested we could use Ms. Tomei’s college roommate.  Enter Lisa Bonet, the black sheep of the Huxtable family.

It was about then that I realized that Lisa and Marisa had both appeared naked in movies with GonzoGeek favorite Mickey Rourke.

Kids.  We have a winner.

On to the links.

Geekgasm!  Jon Stewart to interview George Lucas.

We’re on a mission from God!

Is email going the way of the 8-track?

A history of celebrity girl-on-girl kisses.

It was only a matter of time.  Avatar porn parody…in 3-D.  You have been warned.

You can’t stop Slash.

David’s Iraq deployment blog.

All the best quotes from Caddyshack in one place.

Dear PETA, shut the fuck up.

25 movies so bad you have to see them.

Is Perez Hilton headed for prison?

Summer camps for adults.

Psycho turns 50.

Chris always knew daytime TV would start coming his way.

Dre, fighting for his duckets.

Glenn Beck:  Tool of the Apocalypse – Part IX – “Thug-ocracy and Cookies.”

Grilling gone terribly wrong…

…and complaints about sausage volume.  RIP Jimmy Dean.

Hold on tight!

BEHOLD!  Ozzy’s new band – LIVE!

…and how this might very well save ALL of us! (I knew it! sez Chris)

One for the drummers.

Bring out your inner sculptor – for FREE!

But do you fly to Cambodia?

Summer fun for you and the kids.

LA fans showing off their specialness.

Deadpool + Robert Rodriguez + Zombieland = WIN!  (and there’s even some Mr. Johannsen for the ladies)

TS Quint kidnapped and forced to do drugs?

Hex metal.

GeekGear for musicians.

Tru Pimp (Snoop Woos Da Vampire).

KISS love.

One thought on “Friday LinkFrogging – 6/18/10

  1. If you squint hard enough the new mascot looks kind of like what the mind’s eye conjured for the old ones.

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