iPod First Anniversary: Top 25

I started this with the intent of making it a regular serial feature. Neither regular nor serial ended up happening. I love music. And I love sharing the music I love with the rest of the world. But I couldn’t even interest myself in keeping up  with this. Imagine how horrid it would have been had I plowed on. Yeck.

I’ve since had greater success in bringing my musical fascinations to the GonzoGeek readers through my explorations of all things related to Michael Monroe. Yeah, it’s like that. You take your muse where you can and don’t fight it.

I did, however, want to wrap this up, particularly before the second anniversay rolls around (tomorrow). And so, I present the Top 25 most played songs of my first year of iPod ownership. #1 orginally entered my life as a track on a copy of Hellcat Records Give ‘Em The Boot II compilation a friend gave me years ago. It reached the top of the charts by virtue of having spent much of 2008-2009 as Jr.’s very favorite song and our shared love for the comp as a whole. If you haven’t checked out any of the G’ETB compilations, I highly recommend you do so. 

iPod Top 25 – Year One

1. ‘The Fool’ – David Hillyard & The Rocksteady Seven
2. ‘The Anthem’ – Good Charlotte
3. ‘In The End’ – Green Day
4. ‘Bruk Out’ – Rancid + Buccaneer
5. ‘Computer God’ – Black Sabbath
6. ‘Burn Out’ – Green Day
7. ‘Welcome To Paradise’ – Green Day
8. ‘Beautiful Strange (Bedrock’s Ambient Mix)’ – John Digweed.
9. ‘Once’ – Pearl Jam
10. ‘Have The Time’ – The Slackers
11. ‘Under The Boughs’ – The Sword
12. ‘Guns For Hire’ – AC/DC
13. ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ – AC/DC
14. ‘Even Flow’ – Pearl Jam
15. ‘Ty Cobb’ – Soundgarden
16. ‘Spoonman’ – Soundgarden
17. ‘Misty Days’ – Buju Banton + Rancid
18. ‘Man Of Air’ – Fulcrum
19. ‘Brief Satisfaction’ – Fulcrum
20. ‘Figurehead’ – Fulcrum
21. ‘Riot Girl’ – Good Charlotte
22. ‘The Day That I Die’ – Good Charlotte
23. ‘Basket Case’ – Green Day
24. ‘ Pulling Teeth’ – Green Day
25. ‘ Coming Clean’ – Green Day

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