Friday LinkFrogging – 6/25/10




That concludes GonzoGeek’s World Cup coverage.  Look, I love America, but I don’t get the appeal of soccer/futbol.  Nothing against the game, but it just wasn’t something I played and/or followed as a kid.  As a result, I just can’t get a jingoistic hard-on (is that hyphenated?) for the World Cup, no matter how hard ESPN tries to jam it down my throat.     


I’m much more excited about the return of Entourage to HBO this weekend.

Why? Because it gives me a reason to make Emmanuelle Chriqui our cheesecake of the week. 

Ms. Chriqui stars as Sloan, daughter of Ari Gold’s old boss, Terrance McQuewick, and E’s new fiance? What do the pending nuptials mean to the die-hard Entourage fans?

It means a whole new way for E to whine and likely a lot more of Ms. Chriqui on a weekly basis.

Well done Mark Wahlberg.  Well done.  Say hello to your mother for me.

What new twists and turns will this season bring for the boys? 

Who knows.  For now, enjoy the picture and let’s hit the links. 

Some further thoughts on season 7 of Entourage.

“Somewhere, a dog barked.”

Violinist plays the Super Mario soundtrack (WITH sound effects).

A nice NYT profile of Louis C.K. in advance of his new FX show.

John doesn’t care if you like soccer, or hate it, or don’t care. If you watch this video and don’t get chills or tear up, he says you have no soul.

Did we mention in-depth previews of at least 3,000 words on every Division I team in the country?

David’s Iraq deployment blog.

#5 on the Finnish charts.  For real.

Cause or effect of the above?  Either way, Finland is rapidly climbing Chris’ charts.

The Greatest Creation Ever…

…made even better.  SLAYER!!

Tiger’s Day.

Noise buttons…

…and one more for all you Star Wars fans.

The BIG 4 – LIVE! – Sofia, Bulgaria – June 22, 2010.

A GREAT NFL commentary.

Music industry wisdom.

Ah yes, memories of summer vacations in the Finger Lakes…

…and now maybe the winter vacations in Jamaica won’t have to be postponed.

METAL!  Poisoing young Turkish people for 3 days.

RIP Peter Quaife.

Rudy Sarzo:  Famous, but still underrated.

PUNK:  Everywhere and eternal.

Behind the scense at Futurama.

DinoCroc v. SuperGator – this Saturday on SyFy!  In the end there can be only one.

Seth Rogan as The Green Hornet.  Kato bring around Black Beauty.

The best part of this story is John Edward did the seance by phone.

Tommy Lee to make acting debut on Californication.  Wait…that video didn’t count?  OH!  He wasn’t “acting.”

Dear Joe Lieberman.  SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Dying is easy.  Comedy is hard!

This just in!  Holly GoLightly was a hooker.  OH!  Now I get it…

And finally, OK Go, the Muppets and Zack Galifianakis team up for a viral video.  The internet surrenders.

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