Friday LinkFrogging – 7/16/10

Freaky Geeky


Boys and girls, the dog days of summer are upon us.  

Its been a rough week in the world of Geek.  

First we lost Harvey Pekar.  The next day it was “The Boss,” George Steinbrenner.  Note to all you celebrities out there, the rule of 3’s is currently in play.  

The National League won an All-Star Game for the first time since 1996.  

And I discovered that IFC is rerunning Freaks and Geeks on Friday nights.  

That’s good news kids.  

The much lauded cult show never really got a fair shake a decade ago when it was on NBC, but it served as the career launching pad for Judd Apatow, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel among others.  

If you haven’t seen the show, or want to see it again, tune in tonight for the episode entitled “Tricks and Treats.”  Its my personal favorite.  

And speaking of Freaks and Geeks, that brings us to this week’s cheesecake.  

Say hello to Linda Cardellini.  

She played the geek trying to become freak, Lindsey Weir, on Freaks and Geeks.  Watching her mathlete try to rebel against suburban Michigan (I’m looking at you Chris) norms formed the core of the series.  She went on to play Nurse Taggert on ER and Velma in the Scooby-Doo movies.  

You always knew Velma was a freak didn’t you?  

On to the links.  

To keep the theme going…10 things I learned from Freaks and Geeks.  

 Strikeforce champ, Jake Shields, signs with the UFC.  

This BYU parody of the Old Spice ads isn’t perfect, but the execution deserves props.  

Speaking of Old Spice, he’s a profile on how their incredible personalized video campaign this week came about.  

NCAA Football 2011 gets a special Tim Tebow cover in Alabama.  

With Edward Norton out, who is next in line to play the Incredible Hulk.  No, Eric Bana, it is not you!  

Billy West.  NPR.  Futurama.  

“hahahahahahaha!  F-YOU puny humans!  It’s only a matter of time before I win and enslave you all!” – Satan  

English language lucha libre debuts on MTV2 tonight!  We love us some lucha here at the ‘Geek.  Viva los rudos!  Wait…is that Mark Jindrak?  

Facebook instructional video.  

RIP MySpace?  

How to trick people into thinking you’re really good looking.  

Still more hard times for the Greatest Creation Ever.  

Wrestling demons.  

awww hellz yeah – Machete!  

See ya Mel!  

How does one accidentally fall out of a 6th floor window in Manhattan?  

Our first look at the Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern.  

You gots to be a baller to even TRY to rent a country.  

LeBron stuns the grandmas.  

Let us not forget from whence we came.  

Legend of the black cat bone. 

Punk rock line dancers… 

 …and Cuban dissidents. 

David’s Iraq deployment blog. 

You find the most excellent things on Google Street View. 

15 movies the critics got wrong.  Or did they? 

12 things you shouldn’t find at a dollar store…but will. (NUMBERED LIST HAT TRICK!) 

If summer blockbuster titles were truthful. 

Our first look at the Asgardian royal family from Thor.  (SUPERHERO MOVIE HAT TRICK!  DOUBLE HAT TRICK!!) 

And finally, a little classic Alice Cooper to send you on your merry way…under our wheels.

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