Friday LinkFrogging – 7/23/10

Screw you JMS!


Well kids, if its late July the geeks are convening in sunny Southern California.

That’s right, its Comic-Con weekend in San Diego.  And while we at the ‘Geek were able to secure press credentials for the mecca of all geekdom, due to timing issues we were unable to get there.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t enjoyed reading the press releases and marvelling at the missed opportunities (an interview with Pauly Shore?  Christopher Daniels?  Elvira?).

Discussions have been had.  Plans have been tentativised.  Next year kids.  Next year, we at the ‘Geek will bring it to you first hand.

Until then we’ll just have to do our part with this week’s cheesecake.

Say hello to Lynda Carter, better known to a certain generation of American males as Wonder Woman.

Spinning her way into our homes and our collective consciousness in 1975, Ms. Carter came to epitomize the DC Comics Amazonian princess for decades.  Why, I still remember a summer vacation at my grandmother’s house during which I read the local paper and it mentioned that Ms. Carter and Farrah Fawcett would appear on a new show called Battle of the Network Stars and they would both be wearing swimsuits.  I asked my dad if we could watch it that night.  He didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Gread guy my dad.

Remind me to tell you the Risky Business story sometime.

But I digress.

Despite a recent costume change in the comics, Ms. Carter’s iconic portrayal of Wonder Woman makes her our choice for cheesecake this week as we sit at our desks lamenting what might have been.

Next year.

Next year.

On to the links.

Great Esquire profile on The Guy Who Beat The Price is Right.

A handy tool that lets you know if a football game you’ve DVR’ed is worth watching post-hoc.

Bill Murray gives a rare (and as always, awesome) interview with GQ.

Do I have to wear the Doc Martens boots too?

Brother, can you spare a postcard?

In lieu of photos…I give you this.

Further proof of Mike Mignola’s awesomeness.

When Conan attacks, musically.

I’m sure they won’t even be able to tell in parts of the state, sez Chris.

David’s Iraq deployment blog.

Run, racists, run!

Danny Devito – Comic Con 2010.

The actual God of War movie will, in all likelihood, feature loads of darkness, blood, man nipples and scowling.  This trailer for a fake movie has none of those, and is all the better for it.

Dig Dug horror movie adaptation.

Happy Anniversary Appetite for Destruction.

Jasta + Windstein = Kingdom of Sorrow.

Improv?  Jazz?  Rock?  Art?  Whatever.  Somewhere, Mr. Z is very proud.

Fresh balls.

 The Professional Baseball Team on the South Side of Chicago is a contemptible bunch.  But check out this blog for good coverage of them!

Somebody’s mother talks to Mother Earth…

…but a billion years from now it might not matter anyway.

The devil drives a mini van.

Anchorman the musical?  Stay classy Broadway!

RIP Blockbuster?

I’ve been calling this for months.  Seriously!  Ask my wife.  No wait, don’t.  She’s sick of me talking about it.

You’re suggesting that, in addition to being a sociopath, Joren van der Sloot may be a sex trafficker too?  I’m shocked!  Shocked I tell you!

Teenager turns cell phone into Porsche using only tiny classified ads.

Who really owns Facebook?

And finally, somebody doesn’t like the blogosphere?  Big Broth…

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