iPod 2nd Anniversary: Top 25

I know. It doesn’t seem like a year has passed since the first anniversay post. It hasn’t. The first anniversary was supposed to have been a serial celebration of the music I love as logged by my iPod. I tired of it, however, and finished it off with one big list right before the second anniversary date, thus clearing the way for this post.

Jr’s influence, though still present, is not quite as prevalent as it was over the first year, his having gotten a portable music listening device of his own in the meantime.

Perhaps the influence is most seen at the top of the charts: Green Day, ‘She’. I first saw Green Day at Numbers in Houston, Tex., opening for Bad Religion. It was early in their touring for ‘Dookie’, before ‘Longview’ had landed, and I liked them, saying as much in my review for Kerrang! Never in 1,000 years, however, would I have imagined that I’d one day be enjoying them with my son. One of music’s many wonders is its ability to not just tranform a particular time and space but to travel between them intact.

Hail, hail, rock n’ roll.

1. ‘She’ – Green Day
2. ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ – Slayer
3. ‘The Black River’ – The Sword
4. ‘The White Sea’ – The Sword
5. ‘Thunderstruck’ [Live] – AC/DC
6. ‘Greetings from Shitsville’ – the Wildhearts
7. ‘Losing Touch With You’ – Ashbury Keys
8. ‘It’s No Good’ [Hardfloor mix] – Depeche Mode
9. ‘Rippin Kitten’ – Golden Boy
10. ‘Chump’ – Green Day
11. ‘The Universe In You’ – I Mother Earth
12. ‘Somewhere I Belong’ (Live) – Linkin Park
13. ‘Better Man’ – Pearl Jam
14. ‘Blood Red’ – Slayer
15. ‘Captor of Sin’ – Slayer
16. ‘The Anti-Christ’ – Slayer
17. ‘Mandatory Suicide’ – Slayer
18. ‘Bodies’ – Smashing Pumpkins
19. ‘To Take The Black’ – The Sword
20. ‘Goin’ Out’ – U.S. Bombs
21. ‘Buddy Holly’ – Weezer
22. ‘Dead and Gone’ – The Absence

23. ‘Outro’ – The Absence
24. ‘Are You Ready [Live] – AC/DC
25. ‘Back In The Saddle’ – Aerosmith

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