Friday LinkFrogging – 7/30/10


Maybe Nelly was right…

Its hot out there kids. Summer is in full swing and its getting harder and harder to cool off.  

Its also been a hot month for us here at GonzoGeek.  Our traffic went through the roof thanks to folks looking for pictures of Katherine Heigl.  We thank each and every one of you who looked at this picture.  

This week saw the debut of season 2 of Jersey Shore on MTV.  MTV finally worked out the last possible iteration of the The Real World idiom and has started moving the entire cast to a different city, presumably to spread the crabs around.  

No, this doesn’t mean Snooki is going to be our cheesecake.  I wouldn’t do that to you.  Instead, I decided to go with a Jersey Girl who is much gentler on the eyes.  

Say hello to the pride of Cherry Hill, New Jersey…Ali Larter.  

 She first jumped into our collective consciousness wearing a whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues.  Then she spent a few seasons as America’s favorite schizo She-Hulk on Heroes.  Now expecting her first child, she’ll be seen next kicking zombie ass in Resident Evil:  Afterlife.  

On to the links.  

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

  John submits a new Twitter feed for your fantasy sports needs.  

Behind the scenes in the final hours of The Tonight Show. 

 Vince McMahon sits down for an extended interview with the local newspaper. 

New trailer for Halo:  Reach. 

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis:  Steve Carrell. 

The latest from the Mayor of Parts Unknown.

David’s Iraq deployment blog.

A good story on dismissed Oregon QB (and future Ole Miss QB??) Jeremiah Masoli.

Shameless self promotion.  John wrote the Tennessee, South Carolina, Ark. State, Lafayette, Monroe, FAU, FIU and North Texas previews. 

The story ESPN didn’t want you to read about King James. 

Death-bed humor (ULTRA NSFW). 

English lesson. 

Comic-Con 2010:  Geeks 1, F-heads 0 

Evidently, however, not ALL Star Wars Geeks were in San Diego last week. 

And Superman was busy helping this guy… 

…but not these two. 

They know what Geeks like.  They know what Geeks want. 

Winner movie about a ‘loser.’ 

The Black Hole (aka Know When to Stop). 

When dumb-asses attack. 

Hello West Michigan! 

Is Houston the next No Depression hotbed? 

I’m going to invest every penny I have in this new technology you have…as soon as you cough up $200 for a digital rendering.  

These guys are closer, but isn’t that a Windows wallpaper?    

More gov’t attempts to control how we have a good time.  ALCOHOL WILL KILL YOU BY ITSELF MORONS!  How about having another look at eyelash-growing medicines and period-stopping birth control instead.    

Rock ‘n’ roll.    

…and now LIVE (different song, minus the Captain’s hat).    

Yippee Ki-yay motherfucker!    

Someone finally figured out how to get guys interested in Jane Austen.    

19 regrettable pop culture tattoos.    

Tomorrow is the MLB trade deadline.  Let’s take a look at who is available in the buyer’s market.    

And finally, a look back at Comic-Con 2010…in pictures.

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