Friday LinkFrogging – 8/6/10


Welcome to August dear reader(s).

Kids getting ready to go back to school.

The NFL is back in training camp.

And, infectious summer pop songs getting stuck in your head.

Its a tradition.  It happens every year.  Some bright poppy song transcends its inate mediocrity to become the anthem for the summer.

Katrina, I’m looking at you.

And, I’m looking at this week’s cheesecake.

Say hello to Katy Perry.

Ms. Perry’s hit “California Gurls” has been everywhere this summer.  Maybe its the appearance of Snoop Dogg representin’ as a blunted out Willy Wonka that put that one over the top.  Maybe it was the whipped cream bra.  Maybe it was naked cloud lounging.  Whatever the reason, this one won’t go away.

Or will it?

Turns out the Beach Boys aren’t pleased and they were planning to sue Ms. Perry, specifically over her use of the phrase “wish they all could be California Girls.”

Shit!  Now they’re gonna sue us.

Mike Love, you’re an asshole.

The story has been updated, and now the Beach Boys aren’t planning to sue, provided they get proper “credit” (and one would assume the royalties that would follow).

Did I mention that Mike Love was an asshole?

On to the links.

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

Then again, if this is your most relevant moment in the last 20+ years, maybe I’d be litigious too.

This is not your father’s Yogi Bear.

As it turns out, your yearbook picture wasn’t as bad as you thought.  Seriously.

Shaq challenges Jim Rome to a boxing match!  Epic.

Courvoisier?  Check.  Hall of Fame jacket?  Check.  Michael Irvin is the Ladies Man!  Awwwwww yeah!

Dorn takes one for the team.

Can we file a class action suit against the Beach Boys for this?

Ex-MLB slugger Mo Vaughn remakes himself as a low-income housing mogul.


More NERF!!!

And even further down the rabbit hole.

Muskrat…I mean…Otter love.

Gibson’s top 50 guitar albums.

Chris’ favorite site we’ve ever been referenced from.

Restaurant critics finally get to Wendy’s.

GG goes to school:  Captain Beefheart.

Gonzo + Drums = Keith Moon.


Adult candy.


But exactly how many ways can it hurt you?

Join the fight against Chayos.

The Wire meets reality.

David’s Iraq deployment blog.

Can I also order a pair of “Don’t Fly Over My Airspace” panties?

Mr. Antoine Dodson is clearly camera-ready.  Someone give him a show.

Single Al Gore.

Buffett and Michaels in Margaritaville together.

…and from beyond the grave!!  Michael Jackson.

And finally, if you pay the Beach Boys, you can do pretty much whatever you want.  (BEACH BOYS HAT TRICK!)

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