Friday LinkFrogging – 8/20/10

Some things in life are just inevitable.   



Kids returning to school.   

Partisan politics.   

Child stars turning into adult train wrecks.   

And bad Michael Bay movies.   

Why the laundry list?  Good question.   

The answer is simple.   

This week’s cheesecake selection was one of those foregone inevitablilities.    

Say hello to Jennifer Aniston.   

Yeah, I know.   

I’ve had the picture in the file since The Bounty Hunter died stillborn in the theaters.  Nobody makes a middling romantic comedy quite like Ms. Aniston these days.  She’s clinging to the fraying ends of her Rachel persona for all she’s worth.  She still wants to be there with you.  She is willing to be there in a partial naked, but never really showing anything kind of way.  She wants to be there for you the way Meg Ryan was before she had plastic surgery at the hands of the Joker.  

That’s what makes today’s release of The Switch so interesting.  Its not necessarily a romantic comedy.  Its kind of dark, like The Good Girl.  Her co-star is Jason Bateman, a long time friend who she hasn’t been romantically linked with (at least not as of this writing).  In the grand scheme of things, The Switch is what passes for a daring choice by Ms. Aniston.  The big question is whether or not audiences will buy it.   

I think not.   

Still, its release gave me a chance to post the picture and get that monkey off our backs.   

On to the links.


Music, chefs, and family as inimitably explored by Sonic Youth.

 Bubo the Golden Owl.


Tila Tequila v. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope.

Glam Power!

Free-form PC guitar gaming.

Demand Media = a bad internet egg.

A potentially useful tool.  Let’s apply it to every elected official.

All’s fair in huntin’ deer.

Office weaponry or family fun…good times either way!

Iris scanners to deploy across entire +1 million population in Leon, Mexico.

The first most interesting man in the world.

Drama + Phonics + Breakup.

It’s Like That.

 Did she really say that?  You betcha!  😉

See who Todd Phillips is considering for the role of John Belushi in the upcoming biopic.

 Better Book Titles.

Will Barnes & Noble go the way of the dodo?

 Former cheesecake, Alison Brie, on early sexual experimentation.

 Today’s true culinary advances take place at county fairs.

Ever wanted to smell like Sid Vicious?  Now you don’t have to puke on yourself to do it.

Ron Burgundy, Dark Lord of the Sith?  Stay Classy Tatooine.

Roger Clemens indicted for perjury.  Rocket Man, burning on a bed of his own lies…

Another party weighs in on the “Ground Zero Mosque.”

And finally, for a year now, each and every week, we’ve posted a link to the Iraq deployment blog of FOGG, David Farr.  We are pleased to announce that David has successfully completed his tour of duty and is boots on the ground and home safely with his family.  Thanks for your service my friend.

As a special treat, here’s one more look at a barely clad Ms. Aniston from the cover of Rolling Stone.  You remember this one.  I know you do.

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