Strikeforce Houston – Live Blog

Bobby Lashley v Chad Griggs

Bobby Lashley looks to continue his undefeated streak and transformation into a legit heavyweight contender. Griggs wants to be the man to hang that first “L” on his record.

Quick takedown for Lashley followed by side control. Griggs is patient and gets back to his feet. Lashley slams him back down. Griggs lands some knees. Ref seperates them. Lashley with another slam. Lashley is bleeding from a cut on his left eye to end round 1.

Another big Lashley slam to start round two. Lashley to full mount and some hard punches!

Lashley sure looks like he’s laying and praying to me. Griggs pounds Lashley mercilessly as the seconds tick out.

Bell rings then we see Griggs celebrate?

Bout stopped at end of round 2.

Winner-Griggs by TKO!

It must have been the Elvisian sideburns!

Up next?

KJ Noons v Jorge Gurgel

BJJ v striking. The heart and soul of modern MMA. Will local product Noons be able to keep the fight standing or will Gurgel take the fight to the mat?

Gurgel lands some strong kicks…mainly to Noons’ head. Gurgel had the round until the bell. That’s when Noons landed a big punch that floored him.

Noons knocked Gurgel down to start round 2. Noons then ko’ed Gurgel. The ref stopped the fight and THEN Noons kicked Gurgel in the face.

Winner – Noons by KO in round 2

Time for our first title fight.

Tim Kennedy v Jacare Souza

For the Strikeforce Middleweight Title.

Souza is pounding Kennedy despite the Duggany “USA” chants. Kennedy knocked Souza down.

Both fighters seem tentative to start the 2nd round. Now they are standing and banging. Long slow round that Souza takes in the closing seconds with a strong head kick and a punch.

Into round three and the fight is creeping. Souza likes the push kick. Kennedy forces a takedown. Looks like Kennedy is bleeding to end the 3rd round.

Round four gives us our first groin kick of the night and not much else. Kennedy’s cut has reopened. There was a clock issue. The USA chants begin anew at 3:35. Kennedy seems to be spending a lot of energy on punches he’s too far away to connect with.

Round 5

Kennedy keeps on punching. 1:15 and they continue to dance. Kennedy with a slam to end the fight. We go to the judges.

And the winner is Jacare Souza by unanimous (?) decision. The crowd is not pleased.

Muhammed Lawal v. Rafael Calvacante

Time for our main event, the light heavyweight belt is on the line.

King Mo had the entrance of the night and is having his way with Feijao in the opening moments. Feijao throwing some hard knees. Mo does some showboating that draws boos. Time for round two.

King Mo gets knocked out early in the third in dramatic fashion!!! Feijao is your NEW light heavy champ!

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