Friday LinkFrogging – 8/27/10


 Sometimes things are so obvious you just can’t see them. 

I mean I do this week in and week out and I try to be topical and/or timely with my selections, but somehow, and believe me, I don’t know how, I’ve overlooked Charlize Theron

The obvious time to use Ms. Theron was during the World Cup.  It was, after all, held in her home country, South Africa.  Didn’t even cross my mind.  I made what I thought was a good choice, and I still stand by it, but in retrospect, this was a no brainer. 

Do you remember the first time you saw this week’s cheesecake? 

I do. 

Opening night of 2 Days in the Valley and she was getting freaky with James Spader and in a cat fight with the internet’s (then) favorite pinup, Teri Hatcher.  In the post Pulp Fiction landscape, 2 Days wasn’t Pulp Fiction, but it had a good cast and was well executed. 

Since then she’s gone on to star with Ben Affleck in Reindeer Games, a giant gorilla in Mighty Joe Young and cement her geek cred with a starring role in Aeon Flux.  Oh yeah, she also won an Oscar for uglying up and playing a serial killer in Monster

According to Huffington Post, she’s single and ready to mingle. 

You are on notice. 

On to the links. 


Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

 Bed Intruder! 

Eddie Van Halen’s an a-hole! 

Russian space program circa 2010. 

Who wants a wee nip? 

Stare into the void. 

NEWSFLASH:  Time may not exist. 

…but everything is tiny and huge all at once. 

SUMMER 2010:  Feel good hit. 

…and feel GREAT dance craze. 

Plus, some memorable F-you’s from movie history. 

The bathroom wall has been a font of information since the days of Pompeii. 

No joke. 

Aaaah.  Texas high school football returns, MMA style. 

Lightning is cool. 

Weezer to release new album, tour first two. 

The Clash – LIVE – Tokyo, 1982. 

Cymbal-bending drum solo. 

The Keith Moon Experience. 

The Lion Sleeps. 

The Playa Haters’ Ball. 

NFL class act:  Tony Richardson 

Going rumba. 

Inside the mind of Ira Glass.  Fascinatinger. 

I think we’ve found the Lost Boys. 

This is just unfortunate.  Funny as hell, but unfortunate. 

Like unto a thing of iron, Iron Fist to bring chop socky to the Marvel movie-verse. 

Why does the State of Washington hate America? 

Blockbuster to file bankruptcy.  (insert your own late fee joke here) 

Fidel Castro, shine on you crazy diamond! 

And finally, ever geeks middle school dream, porn stars playing D&D!  (Proabably NSFW) 

Bonus Charlize!

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