Dead, Jail, or Rock n’ Roll!

Karl Rockfist, Steve Conte, Michael Monroe, Ginger, and Sami Yaffa

I’ve been carrying on for a while now about all thing’s Michael Monroe, ever since my March sighting of the new band melted my brain while at the same time instantly making order out of decades of personal history. I’ve been carrying on so much I’d even begun to wonder if maybe I wasn’t crazy. Maybe I just saw exactly the right band at exactly the right place and time and it all came together.

But then the following evidence surfaced — a high-on-the-bill, main stage appearance at SummerSonic 2010 Festival in Tokyo — and suddenly I”m more sure than ever. If there is better rock n’ roll band on the planet right now I’d like to know who they are.

Not hipper. Not younger. Not cooler. Not cuter. Better.

Now imagine seeing that on stage the size of your patio in a room the size of your apartment and you might get some window on why it was so tranformative.

To a person Michael Monroe, Ginger, Sami Yaffa, Steve Conte, and Karl Rockfist perform spectacularly. As a unit the results are alchemic. The band has a live album out worldwide on Sept. 27 and is currently recording a full studio album in Los Angeles with Jack Douglas.

This is rock n’ roll as you can hear it nowhere else on the planet. Continue to avoid at your peril.

5 thoughts on “Dead, Jail, or Rock n’ Roll!

  1. Michael had two broken ribs at his Summersonic gig so these videos don’t show Michael at his best. It was a great show anyway.

  2. always a Hanoi Rocks fan but lost track of Mike after the first breakup of the band—about 6 months ago I stumbled onto the Demolition 23 CD (from the mid 80’s) (courtesy of Sirius) — 3/4 of Hanoi with a new drummer….I got hooked again–Mike is probably the last great power pop/punk/glam frontman left in music. Just watch the videos that are posted and tell me why he shouldn’t be a bigger ‘star.’ Can’t wait for the live CD, live DVD and new studio CD.

  3. Best Band since Hanoi Rocks!!! Saw them @ their first gig in San Fran in March!!! The place was Rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait 2 c them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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