Friday LinkFrogging – 9/24/10


It’s confession time from your dear old editor. 

This week I was going to make Hollywood’s favorite octogenerian comeback kid, Betty White, our cheesecake.  She was on Community last night and that’s really all of the hook I needed to justifty the pick.  I even joked that I would try to make all of the links Betty White related.  Given the amount of press Betty’s gotten in the last 18 months, I could have done it. 

But I didn’t. 

I did a quick scan of the movies opening this week, and, well, Kristen Bell won out. 

Does it help that Betty White is in You Again too? 

Ms. Bell first hit our pop culture radar as the title character on Veronica Mars.  Then she broke out of the CW ghetto and put her good girl image aside to do the horizontal mambo with Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  She played the sole female in the band of geeks in the cult classic Fanboys (in which she donned Princess Leia’s iconic metal bikini) and took a turn as Elle, the lightning lass, on NBC’s Heroes

According to her IMDB bio, she’s also a rabid Detroit Red Wings fan.  Geek girl likes hockey?  Awesome! 

Since then she has been trying to take the Meg Ryan crown, starring in a series of middling romantic comedies and dating Dax Shephard. 

Yeah, we don’t get him either. 

On to the links.

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

 A guide to social awkwardness.

Something’s either not quite right with this dude or he should switch to acting.  Either way, it gets better with each spin.


Steer your teenage boys away from cops’ daughters please.

Turns out raiding the grandson’s trust fund to buy meth for the family reunion is a bad idea.

2010’s Best Metal Compilation?  AND ITS FREE!

…and Santana’s stab at the Metal Comp. trick.  Some pretty cool combinations on it actually.

Death of the fanboy.

Sid and Marty Krofft + Jack Kirby = mind blown

It was bound to happen.  Disney negotiating Marvel theme park…at EuroDisney?  (COMIC RELATED HAT TRICK!)

This just in!  Scott Weiland is a drunk!

Chicago Cubs player IMPALED with bat!  This whole vampire thing has gotten out of control.

Toys R Us publishes the hot toy list for Christmas 2010.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the Stieg Larsson books blew.

Funny Photoshop Fails.

Something strange may, once again, be afoot at the Circle K.

Action movies that are really chick flicks in disguise.

Molly Ringwald talks Pretty in Pink.  Find out the truth about Ducky!

And finally, Katy Perry’s “talents” are too much for Sesame Street.  Her duet with Elmo is banned.

Nerfherders unite!

One thought on “Friday LinkFrogging – 9/24/10

  1. a great batch as usual. I sure don’t get the flap about that Katy Perry Sesame St. vid. I finally watched in now. it wasn’t even REMOTELY sexual. if anything that dress made her look (relatively) flat and homely.

    perhaps the offended should turn on some MTV, or watch the Fast and the Furious, or hell just surf some porn. I mean seriously, there has got to be some intense, wierd, and very pent up energy at hand to have first found that performance somehow inappropriate and then feel such shame at having had those thoughts to call for its banishment.

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