The Ultimate Fighter – Season 12, Episode 1

Yes, I know I’m horribly late on this, but I’m going to get us caught up dear readers.  Just hang tight.  I’ve been watching them.  I just haven’t had time to write about them.

The 12th season of the UFC and Spike TV‘s MMA reality show focuses on the lightweights as well as the escalating tensions between coaches Josh Koscheck and Georges St-Pierre.  Why?  Because at the end of the season Koscheck will fight St-Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Title.

Twenty-eight fighters we given the golden ticket to show up at the UFC training center in Las Vegas and fight for their way onto the show. 

UFC president, Dana White, also announced the return of the wild card fight to determine who will get the 8th spot in the quarter finals.

In a single hour, Spike gave us a few fights and a lot of highlights.

When the smoke had settled and the fights were fought, these were the fighters who make up your cast:

  • Michael Johnson
  • Marc Stevens
  • Jonathan Brookins
  • Sevak Magakian
  • Dane Sayers
  • Jeff Lentz
  • Aaron Wilkinson
  • Kyle Watson
  • Cody McKenzie
  • Nam Phan
  • Alex Caceres
  • Andy Main
  • Sako Chivitchian
  • Spencer Page

Dana White seems to have a bit of a mancrush on Alex Caceres who calls himself Bruce Leroy because of his affection for old Bruce Lee movies.

Whatever dude.

I know where you got the nickname, even if Dana White doesn’t.

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