The Ultimate Fighter – Season 12, Episode 2

Bruce Leroy


When last we joined our band of UFC hopefuls, all fourteen had just won a qualifier fight and moved into the big UFC house somewhere in the environs of Las Vegas.

Up next?

What every team has done since time immemorial…pick teams.

During the pre-draft conversations, we see team captain George St-Pierre (GSP from here on out) discussing strategy to get rival, Josh Koscheck, to outsmart himself.

Koscheck won the coin toss and, with it, the first pick.  GSP created a fake draft sheet and gave Koscheck an “unwitting” look at it.  GSP’s alleged first pick was one of Koscheck’s guys so Koscheck altered his draft strategy to get “his guy” allowing GSP to get the guy he really wanted.

First win to GSP.

The 14 fighters were divided up into two teams.  They are as follows:



  • Marc Stevens
  • Sevak Magakian
  • Sako Chivitchian
  • Andy Main
  • Nam Phan
  • Aaron Wilkinson
  • Jeff Lentz

I really wish Josh Koscheck had chosen a different team color.  That one doesn’t show up well at all.

Anyway, since Koscheck got the first pick (sort of), GSP gets to pick the first fight.  His charge Alex Caceres aka Bruce Leroy asks for the first fight and GSP gives it to him. 

His opponent?  Jeff Lentz.

Lentz came with his own issues.  Immediately upon moving into the fight house, he began drinking and smoking.  Not your typical regimen for an MMA fighter.  His teammates were concerned about his dedication and his cardio, not necessarily in that order.

Then its fight time.

Lentz had the fight in hand for the first round.  He stood in with Caceres.  Too bad for him it went to a second round.  In the second round, Caceres came at Lentz like a spider monkey.  He climbed Lentz and locked in a triangle choke for the submission victory at 2:27 in the second.

Rumor has it the victory celebration went something like this.

Okay, that’s the final Last Dragon reference, at least until he fights again.

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