The Ultimate Fighter – Season 12, Episode 3

Your #1 pick

Week three of the season found GSP still in control of the matchups and the mind of Josh Koscheck.  No matter what Koscheck does, including mocking GSP’s ring attire, he can’t shake GSP.

You can tell its wearing on Koscheck.

You know who is wearing on the fighters?  Bruce Leroy.  He got drunk and started talking trash about how they underestimated him and his vast skills.

GSP announces this week’s fight.  He’s putting his number 1 pick, and the guy he tricked Koscheck into NOT taking, Michael Johnson, against Aaron Wilkinson.

In the interim, GSP brings in Olympic wrestler Gia Sissaouri to train with his team.  GSP is all about improving his guys’ fight game.  Meanwhile, Koscheck gives his guys a piece of his mind after a lackluster training session.  Do we see a difference here?

The big surprise of the week was Dana White bringing Mike Tyson to the training center to meet GSP and his team.  The appearance of Iron Mike seems to really stoke Michael Johnson.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t bite off Wilkinson’s ear.

Once the fight begins, things don’t go quite as GSP envisioned.  Wilkinson proves to be a much tougher opponent than anyone imagined and clearly takes the first round from Johnson.  Johnson fights back and wins the second round, forcing the fight into sudden victory.

Johnson comes out hard in the third round, taking Wilkinson to the mat and locking in a rear naked choke.  This garners him the victory on 37 seconds in.

Koscheck is furious, both because Wilkinson failed to follow the game plan, and because he thought Wilkinson had done enough to win the fight after two rounds.

So, with the magic that is Mike Tyson at Octagon side, Team GSP goes up 2-0 and GSP remains in control of the fights.

Things don’t look so good for Team Koscheck.

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