Friday LinkFrogging – 10/22/10

I, your humble editor, have a confession to make.

When I sat down to compile this week’s list of links, I had no cheesecake.  That, dear reader(s) is a first.  I usually have the pick made by Monday with at least an inkling of what I’m going to write about.

This week, nothing.

None of the new movies moved me.  We’ve used a lot of the current TV stars.  I have a “do not use” list that includes Kardashians and Lohans.

I was listening to Prince’s LotusFlow3r CD today and one of the tracks reminded me of “Batdance.”  This, of course, got me thinking of Vicki Vale herself, Kim Basinger.

My wife mentioned that Bob Guccione died this week.  Looking for links to Bob is a risky internet search kids.  It did, however, remind me that Helen Mirren was in Caligula.

In the end, I decided to go with Anne Hathaway.


Well, last week was Stephe’s birthday.  Stephe has a thing for Ms. Hathaway and I forgot to use her last week as I planned to.

Simple really.

Maybe I overthink these things.

On to the links.

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

The history of geek.

14 things we’ve “learned” from romantic comedies.

These guys are foolish enough to have John on the radio once a month during football season. Fast-rising station in Knoxville, please check them out.

The brainchild of a friend of John’s from high school. The next Snuggie, perhaps???

John’s amigo, Matt DeTura, won thrice on Jeopardy this week. Check out his welcome video. One could almost say he had a “vendetta” to exact upon those poor contestants.

The new web site from the folks at Blue Ribbon Football and Basketball Yearbooks, now including year-round content on the hot topics in the world of college sports!

Just what John needed for the afterlife.

Lennon abuse #2:  aka where is Marianne Faithful when we need her?

Old school CHEESECAKE in action.

The House of Sam attempts reform.

…while the House of Hulk plans TV assault.

You’ll ruin his depth perception.  He’ll never play another crappy song again in his life.

Melvins stop-motion greatness.

10 great yearbook moments.

The first-ever entertaining use of autotune.

Dramatic donkey dispenser.

Comic gubernatorial debater.

The wall of headphone.

Lemmy guides Homer to Hell.

Terminator v. Back to the Future.

Time to head right back to the Danger Zone?

Danny McBride marries.  Ladies, you’re fucking out!

Disney buys out Stark Enterprises.

Mark Wahlberg to be the new Crow?  Feel it!  Feel it!

Not that you needed a reminder, but here is a list of reasons sequels suck.

Guess who else isn’t a witch?

Mickey Mouse.  Glenn Beck.  Conspiracy Theory.  That is all.

And finally, the hobbits are coming…back.

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