The Fourth Law of Robotics: Voter Early, Vote Often

A human in every pot!

My dad recently asked me what my ideal candidate for political office would be.  I thought about it for a second…


‘Haha…seriously.  You have to vote for a person.’


‘Alright, son.  I’ll play along.  Why a robot?’

‘They have no party affiliation.  They do what they’re told.  They don’t need food or sleep or recognition.  They don’t suffer from indescretions or hypocrisy.  You pretty much know what you’re getting when you send them to congress.’

‘Thought about this much, son?’

‘Nope.  Just kind of going with the moment.’

Now, with the mid-term elections around the corner…I stick with the decision.

I’m voting for robots.

And I’m asking you to, too.

What it comes down to is this, I want my elected representatives to do the jobs we sent them to do.  I want them to fix the economy.  I want them to partner with business and bring back all the jobs they helped send away.  I want to see them build bridges and roads and hi-speed data networks so that we can better compete in a global economy.

I want to see them create a meaningful, attainable energy policy, then enact it.  I’d like to see them do the same for healthcare and education while we’re at it.

I want them to end the war in Afghanistan and never have to return.

I want a serious discussion on immigration, or maybe border security.  Taking your shoes off when you fly is NOT safety.  It’s not even the illusion of safety.  It’s a fetish.  Someone at TSA likes toes

I want to vote for hope.  I want to vote for a better tomorrow.

I’m tired of my vote being the lesser of two evils.    I’m tired of soundbites and talking points.  I’m tired of grass roots.  I’m tired of tea partys.  I’m tired of lobbyists and PACS, soft money and special intrests.

I’m tired or Republicans and Democrats and Greens and Reform and Libertarians and everyone else.

I want doers, dammit.

I want focus.

I want results.

If you want to investigate steroids in baseball on my time you’re fired.  Instant recall election.  Same goes for gay marriage, prayer in school, changing the 14th amendment, abortion or flag burning.   Grandstanding on these issues, for or against, is a one-way ticket back to the home district.  Do not pass ‘Go’.  Do not collect $200 dollars.

See you.  Enjoy your copy of the home game.

By Manny, I want a functioning government of, by, and for the people.

And if people can’t do it, then let’s let the robots give it a shot.

Well...are you ready?

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