Friday LinkFrogging – 10/29/10

Don't even TRY to put Baby in the corner.

Its almost Halloween.

As Count Floyd would say “Ohhh…spooky kids.”

Seriously, is there a better holiday than Halloween.  You get to dress up in a costume and, depending on your predilictions and/or guts, live out your fantasies, all while begging for food.

Think about it, if the guy under the freeway with the cardboard sign rang your doorbell on November 1st, you’d call 9-1-1.  He does it one night before?  He’s a really authentic looking (and smelling) hobo.  Here, have some bite size Snickers.

Hell, you might even ask him to pose with your kids for a picture.

But, if there is anything we learned from the Firefly family, its that its not necessarily the scary hobos you have to look out for.

And with that rather ham-fisted segue, please say hello to this week’s cheesecake, Sherri Moon Zombie.

Sherri is probably best known for her work as Baby Firefly in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.  She also starred as the mother of Michael Myers in Rob’s two “reimagined” Halloween movies.

She’s laid pretty low since Halloween II, but after serving as Rob Zombie‘s wife and white trash muse for the last decade, we thought she’d be the perfect cheesecake for Halloween this year.

On to the links.

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

Write a 50,000 word novel in one month?  Who’s with us?

You can stand up for the WWE, but John shall sit down for Wrestlecrap!

Slap Shot. A behind the scenes book. Written by a buddy of John’s. You know you can’t resist. Buy your copy today!

Got back pain?  Backsac might be able to help.

A humble, quiet little wrestling promotion in Northeast Tennessee.

God Save the Archies.

A musical giant remembered.

The Dark Knight Rises…in 2012.

Can street cred buy you a mansion in Beverly Hills?

Victory Records video-zine (featuring Gilbert Gottfried trying to secure a reverse blow-bang from Taproot).

Halloween cheer!

Even more Halloween cheer!

Aussie Easter cheer! (cuz its Spring down there right now)

BBC captures Powerage era AC/DC live!

This guy’s been rebuilding a ’68 Cuda around a modern Dodge SRT8.

Mel Gibson is out of The Hangover 2.  You can imagine how well he’s taking that.

The Big Lebowski meets Shakespeare.  The Dude abideth.

Danny Devito speaks for the trees.

Pop culture jack-o-lanterns.

Superman goes emo and/or Twilight.  So, for the second time this year, I say FUCK YOU JMS!

Krist Novaselic joins the Foo Fighters.  Courtney Love expected to file suit momentarily.

Silly Bandz…the video game.  I weep for the future.

Your first look at Chris Evans as Captain America. (SUPERHERO HAT TRICK)

An interview with The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without Alice Cooper or the Muppets.  Luckily for you, we have both.

And finally, Sherri Moon Zombie in the EPIC final sequence from The Devil’s Rejects.  Fly High!

Werewolf Woman of the SS

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