The Ultimate Fighter – Season 12, Episode 6

Tonight’s show will have two of our final three first round fights.  Can Koscheck retain control or will GSP get it back?  Lots of action to get to. 

When last we checked in with our Ultimate Fighter cast, Team Koscheck had finally won a fight and taken control of the fight creation aspect of the competition.

Now, after getting Rampaged for most of the season, you’d think Team Koscheck wouldn’t have let this one win go to their heads.  You’d be wrong.

Koscheck and his team celebrate by beating on the walls of the training center and generally acting like douche bags.  The more I watch this show the more I realize the teams really do begin to take on the personalities of their coaches.

Too bad for Team Koscheck.

Next up, Josh Koscheck taunts Michael Johnson for being out of shape while Johnson is getting stretched out.  Hey, Josh, last I check Johnson beat one of your guys.  Put up or shut up.

Koscheck announces the next fight will be his number one pick, Marc Stevens, taking on Cody McKenzie.  This one looks like a complete mismatch on paper.  Stevens is a more well rounded fighter.  McKenzie brings an undefeated record and a guillotine-centric offense to the octagon.

McKenzie, who Team Koscheck is looking past, gets under Koscheck’s skin at the weigh-in and then its on to the fight.

The bell rings and McKenzie comes out swinging wildly.  Then he throws a kick.  Stevens works through the assault and takes McKenzie to the ground.  Unfortunately for Stevens, that’s exactly what McKenzie wanted.  Remember that part about a guillotine-centric offense?  McKenzie locks Stevens in a guillotine and chokes him out.  Stevens doesn’t even get to tap. MCKENZIE PUTS HIM TO SLEEP!

17 seconds.  That’s exactly how long it took for Josh Kocheck’s #1 pick to get eliminated.

The cutaway to Koscheck was classic.  He looked like he’d just watched a snuff film starring his grandmother.

So, not only did Josh Koscheck lose his #1 guy, but he lost control of the fights with only two left.  Win or lose the next fight, GSP will set the last four fighters the way he wants to.

He quickly announces that it will be Jonathan Brookins (TEAM GSP) taking on Sevak Magakian (TEAM KOSCHECK) in tonight’s second fight.

For those of you keeping track at home, that leaves Dane Sayers (TEAM GSP) to take on Sako Chivitchian (TEAM KOSCHECK) in next week’s fight.

It was pretty clear that Koscheck had the fighters reversed in his mind.  Oh well, like I said, put up or shut up.

Things continue to go badly for Koscheck as Sevak takes another first round loss.  To add insult to injury, its another guillotine submission.

I dig Jonathan Brookins Zen warrior vibe and look forward to seeing how he does in the next round.

So, with one fight left, the score currently stands at GSP 5, Koscheck 1.

Put up or shut up!

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