Friday LinkFrogging – 11/5/10

Bust it!

How the hell did it get to be November already?

Before you know it we’ll be gorging ourselves on turkey.

Then it will be Black Friday and that can only lead to Christmas.


But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This week we saw a typhoon of voter unhappiness turn control of the US House of Representatives over to the Republicans.

We saw the Dallas Cowboys lose…AGAIN!

We saw the “final” Saw movie top the box office.

We saw the San Francisco Giants win the World Series for the first time since they moved to the left coast.

It has been quite a week hasn’t it.

Kinda makes you wonder what comes next.

I can’t answer that question in the more big picture sense, but I can tell you what comes next in this post.


Please say hello to Kari Byron.  Kari is the hottest of the crew on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters.

How did she get chosen?

Simple.  Stephe sent in a request.  I do most of the picking so when one of my Gonzo Compadres makes a request, I honor it.

Well done sir.  Well done.

On to the links.

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

Sailing Aid.

The problem of the patriarchy.

Danzig forced to get a day job.

The beginnings of a comprehensive A-Z catalog of the signs seen at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

Did Jack Black spend much time studying Jello Biafra as a kid?

Anyone for dessert?

Insane Asylums?  Hot goth chicks?  Zeppelins?  Dragons?  What more could a movie possibly hold?

Short, sharp, single-frame post-election humor.

Digg dug its own grave.

Magnetic underwear.  A new and glorious age has arrived.

Can ads on the Howard Stern Show be far behind?

A great team led by a great man.  RIP Sparky Anderson.

Homer Juice.

Strength beats weakness.

Batman, Inc.?  Really, DC?  REALLY?

Comic-Con tickets went on sale this week.  Our people crashed the servers!  HAIL GEEK POWER!

I guess Keith realized he couldn’t name everyone who voted Republican this week.

Forget Large Marge, Pee Wee Herman is now rolling with The Big Show.

And finally, imagine Will Ferrell dueting with Manny Pacquiao.  Its easy if you try.

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