Friday LinkFrogging – 11/19/10

There is nothing quite like a weekend amongst your own kind to really make you appreciate things like our little corner of the internet here.

Stephe and I will be reporting on our adventures in the wilds of the Austin Comic Con soon, but let me just say it was fun.  From aging television stars to costumes to fine tequilas, we had a blast.

It made the real world all the more difficult this week.

I’ve salved my soul with Bruce Springsteen‘s new release, The Promise, and the search for the perfect cheesecake for this week’s entry.

I thought about using the now “of age” Emma Watson, but let’s be honest, that still seems pervy.

A couple of movies opened last week.  There was Morning Glory starring candidate, Rachel McAdams.

There was also Unstoppable starring, Denzel Washington, Captain Kirk 2.o and Rosario Dawson.

I guess you can tell who won out.

I was conflicted so I discussed the choice with fan/handmodel, David Cantu (@davebot5k).  We agreed that Ms. Dawson had the higher geek cred.

Don’t believe me?  Check out her resume.

Kevin Smith movie?  Check.  Quentin Tarantino movie?  Check.  Rob Zombie movie?  Check.  Robot Chicken?  Check.

She’s also appeared in Men in Black II, Percy Jackson & The Olympians:  The Lightning Thief, Sin City and Josie and the Pussycats.

She’s made movies with Iron Man, the Rock, Stifler, Donkey,the Hulk and Bullseye.

All this and she’s a huge comic book geek, having created and published her own book a few years ago.

Yes, Ms. Dawson is a card carrying geek girl and a welcome addition to the gallery.

On to the links.

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

 Future World.

Future-war fighting machine.

Future douche-bag-no-longer-inhabiting-this-planet. (FUTURISTIC HAT TRICK!)

Art by camera implant.

A forgotten peak of 80’s “hair metal.”

And its proto prog-thrash cousin.

Possum Walk premieres with Texas Frightmare hosting the bash.

Chris’ latest musical fave.

Internet censorship and copyright bill making its way through the Senate.

Wile E. Coyote’s sign up here.

A cooler looking alien invasion movie than Skyline.

The Prime Minister and “bunga bunga” parties.

No Mo Fo’ Loko.

Play that funky organ white boy!

Guard cat takes on gator.

Seven websites you should be wasting your time on.

Nine unintentionally scary kids’ shows.

Five geek TV shows that failed to live up to their opening credits. (NUMBERED LIST HAT TRICK!)

Would the world be a better place if David Lee Roth and Dave Grohl switched bands?

Billy Corgan STILL doesn’t like Pavement.

Amy Farrah Fowler becomes a Big Bang Theory regular.

Spongebob is still a huge ratings success. Imagine the ratings if they legalize marijuana.

Speaking of cartoons and being high, check out these 90’s cartoon influenced tattoos.

Every Arnold Schwarzenegger scream…EVER!

And finally, the first official Green Lantern trailer.

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