The Ultimate Fighter – Season 12, Episode 10

We already know Jonathan Brookins and Nam Phan will be in the semi-finals.

Who will join them?

That’s what this week’s show is all about.

They’ve saved Bruce Leroy’s fight for the very end, presumably to milk every last bit of his irritating personality before disposing of him (see also – Slice, Kimbo).

Our first fight tonight will pit Kyle Watson against Aaron Wilkinson.  Wilkinson carries a lot of extra baggage into this fight.  He earned this spot by winning the “wild card” fight a couple of weeks ago.  Then, in the footage leading up to the fight, he learns that his grandmother has died back home in England.

He, of course, opts to stay and fight in Nana’s memory, but it is obviously weighing on him.

Watson, the oldest cast member, made a good showing in his first fight and looks to grapple his way into the finals.


Not much of a fight here.  Watsonhad control for most of the first round.  He took Wilkinson to the ground and worked himself into position for a submission victory using a rear naked choke.

That’s right, Team Koscheck lost ANOTHER fight to a rear naked choke.

You can imagine how well Koscheck took that.

The second fight of the night was the only quarter-final fight to pair teammates.  The bad blood between Michael Johnson and Alex Caceres has been building since the bleach in the fabric softener (not to be confused with the banana in the tailpipe) incident several weeks ago.

Tonight, both men get the fight they, and GSP, wanted.

Johnson didn’t take Caceres and his “Bruce Leroy” schtick too seriously and it nearly cost him.  Caceres hung in there and went the full two rounds.  Johnson won by unanimous decision, but had to admit that Caceres was a tougher fighter than he thought.

After the fight, Dana White, GSP and Josh Koscheck met to determine the semi-final fights.  To everyone’s amazement, they all agreed.

The semi-finals will be:



No pressure on Nam Phan, eh?  He is Josh Koscheck’s sole chance at needing to appear at the finals this weekend.

Brookins versus Watson could be interesting, but I think Johnson versus Phan is more exciting matchup.

My picks?

Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson.

The 2-hour semi-final episode of The Ultimate Fighter airs tonight beginning at 9pm EST on Spike!

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