The Ultimate Fighter – Season 12, Episode 9

This is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak.

After eight weeks of fights, we are down to our quarter-finals.

There is a lot at stake for these guys.

I haven’t been as diligent about writing up these recaps this season as I have in the past.  Things have been hectic.  I’ve also not really been as excited about the cast or coaches.  Koscheck is a tool.  GSP is a robot.  Bruce Leroy is a joke.  Marc Stevens was overrated.

Just not the best season I’ve seen.  Still, its always fun to watch the actual fights.

This week’s fights are:

Jonathan Brookins (TEAM GSP) v. Sako Chivitchian (TEAM KOSCHECK)

Brookins continues to walk the way of the peaceful warrior.  Sako talks Armenian revenge with Sevak.  This should be interesting.

Brookins, much like Court McGee last season, becomes a more impressive fighter the more you see him in action.  He fought Sako to the ground and then stayed on him, working himself into position for a rear naked choke and a first round submission.

Sako was despondent at his loss.  So was Koscheck.  I rather enjoyed it.  Brookins has some serious talent and I think he can make the finals.

The second fight of the night looks lopsided from jump.  Team Koscheck’s best hope, Nam Phan, takes on “GuillotineCody McKenzie.  By the way, if he starts using that, I want a cut of the merchandising.

McKenzie has gotten by with his one signature hold.  Nam Phan looks a lot more well rounded.  I, like everyone else, don’t think this one is in question.

It turns out, everyone was right.  McKenzie makes it to the second round, but just barely.  You get the impression toward the end of the first round that Phan is just playing with him like a cat with a paraplegic mouse.

McKenzie was gassed to start round two.  It only got worse for him from there.  Phan finally put him away with a flurry of unanswered punches late in the second.

Josh Koscheck, a vocal non-fan of McKenzie’s, celebrates Phan’s victory in a less than sporting manner.  The celebration actually gets GSP to admit, in his odd French-Canadian monotone, that it angered him and would make him train harder for his fight with Koscheck.

Nicely done Josh.  You’ve angered Wolverine, bub!

So, Brookins and Phan are in the finals.

Next episode, the quarters continue.

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